04 April 2009

Conference Weekend

I hope everyone is enjoy General Conference! I know I really like Elder Hales's talk on provident living and Elder Ballard's talk on receiving answers through the scriptures & prophets. Here's a little glimpse into our Conference Saturday.

Doug let me sleep in and then we enjoyed a brunch of oranges & conference rolls, a little recipe that I picked up from my ward mission leader in Wuerzburg on my mission (he was an American, btw...)
Yes, they're tasty, but not that healthy. You're looking at 2 sticks of butter in that pan. Oh, and yeah, I used the wrong sized pan, so they overflowed when they rose.
For the last 2 FHEs, we've been talking about King Benjamin & pitching our tent towards the prophet, so we pulled out Sariah's play tent to sit in and "pitched" it towards the computer where we streamed conference. No, we didn't all spent 4 hours of conference crammed into this little tent. But its suppose to be symbolic, ya know?Sariah spent part of conference in the box & Doug hung out in the tent. I sat in the rocker outside the tent & knitted. Its been a great day. Conference has really brought a good spirit into our home. We're looking forward to tomorrow!


Alan and Denise said...

We have a conference rolls tradition too--we always have cinnamon rolls on conference morning. Hope you enjoyed yours! And enjoy conference today!

The Hof family said...

I like your new glasses. We normally have either cinnamon rolls or monkey bread (homemade) on General Conference weekend. This year my sister was here and I didn't even get to watch it. So I'm still working on reading it. Sariah is a cutie. Hope one day we are a little closer to each other so we can meet again and let our kids play together. What are you knitting btw?