21 April 2009

Tuesday Food

Just in case your wondering, if there's some one in the photo, its because I shared whatever I was eating with them. We had lunch at Epic today, and I had Curry Crusted Temph w/ Pomegranate Sauce & Brown Basmati Rice (its apparently vegan & for the calorie conscious.) Doug and I split a Pink Lemonade Pie slice, which was perfection! The top picture is for my mom, who doesn't care what I'm eating, just what Sariah is.


Susan said...

That pie looks SOOOO good.

Diana said...

The real truth is that I don't care what anyone is eating, I just want to see pictures of Sariah! Love you!

Susan said...

Okay. How said is this? I returned to your blog for the sole purpose of looking at the picture of that pie again. :)