07 April 2009

For Aunt Jenny (& Everyone Else, Too!)

Sariah loves to watch videos online. So I though it was especially cute when she wanted to watch this one of her cousin Henry over & over. She laughs when Aunt Jenny drops the lion, asks "uh oh, what happened here!" when he pulls up on the bookcases, & of course asks to see it again when is all done. In case you're wondering, she's wearing a towel, because we watched this right after bath time. Enjoy!

Other Sariah fun:
playing w/ daddy
biker babe
biker babe 2
watching Curious George


Jenny said...

A post just for me! I feel special. :) Sariah is cute. I also like, in the video where she's playing with Doug, how she falls into Doug's lap the first time or two, and then just sits over and over again. She certainly seemed to be having a good time.

Alan and Denise said...

Cute videos. I remember how much fun Sariah got out of watching Henry videos when she was here.

Andrea said...

That is one of Jakob's favorite past times. I wish he wouldn't want to watch so much, but I figure home videos are better than TV right? He really likes watching himself though. What a ham. Sariah is adorable.

Susan said...

I like how Sariah growls every time she sits in Doug's lap in 'Playing with Daddy.' How is she so cute?