15 April 2009

TEA Anyone?

It was a beautiful day to let the government know that we're not happy. We headed downtown to the capitol along with 8,000 of our closest friends. That's right. 8,000. It was awesome & we're fired up to make a difference!

Here's Doug and Sariah waiting for the busses to take us to the capitol.

Then we gave up and walked it. Here's a view of where we were headed. There was a large group of us, it was awesome!
We made it! And we followed "Uncle Sam" all the way.
Our first view of the rally.
Sariah enjoying the pre-rally music. Just so you know, the front of her shirt reads "I want you to stop spending my future!" and the back "Don't put me in debt... I can't even vote yet!"

Sariah and I before the rally.
Doug and I at the rally
The whole family during the rally.

We saw this guy after the rally, pretty awesome, right?

Waiting in line in the capitol to drop off our letter of discontent & our tea bag to the Governor (who wasn't even in town, I hear he was watching golf.)
Doug & Sariah in the Capitol building.

Me and Sariah in the Capitol.It was a perfect experience, and I'm so glad we went. We took the bus back to our car & then enjoyed "linner" at Red Robin. I think we were all tired, but happy.
Sariah in the car before "linner."

We're so thankful that Doug was able to take a half day off of work & come to the rally. Now that the tea party is over, it doesn't end here. We're going to take charge & take our government back!


Alan and Denise said...

Looks like a great experience! I'm glad you all were able to participate.

Jenny said...

Sounds great! I wish we could have gone to the one in Denver. Way to go for making your voice heard!

Susan said...

Very cool. Way to be proactive! Is it just me or are Sariah's glasses on upside down in that last picture? Just wondering. :)