31 December 2008

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy & prosperous new year! I've got a great feeling about 2009!

2008 - A Scrapbook Year in Review

2008 Scrapbook

23 December 2008

Sariah Shovels Snow

Let's chat a little about the snowfall here. We've had a lot so far. In fact we're probably right on par with the 100 inches we had last year. Yippy skippy. On the bright side, Sariah LOVES the snow this year. She likes to touch it, play in it & even shovel it. Well she sort of shovels it. We bought her a child's shovel, but her hands are too small for her mittens, so she has a hard time grasping the shovel... Take a look, its very cute! Just so you know, I think these videos are about a month old, but we've had pretty consistant snowfall the past 3 days, so I was reminded that I wanted to share. Enjoy!! Meanwhile I'm going to continue to hide in my warm house and drink cocoa.

21 December 2008

The End of the Newlyweds

Someone once told me that a married couple is considered newlyweds until their 3rd anniversary or the birth of their first child, which ever comes first. Since we had Sariah before we even had our first anniversary, I've always still considered us to be newlyweds. Well today is our 3rd anniversary. I love Doug more today that I did the day I married him, and tomorrow I'll love him even more. May we always act like newlyweds, no matter how many anniversaries we have...

19 December 2008


We are literally snowed in today. I'm not leaving this house. So that adds an extra element of "what the heck ARE we going to do today?" So then I thought, hey I could make some playdough! Sariah has never played with it, since I don't want to buy it, and I remember it leaving a mess. But I thought I could make some. So using handy dandy google... ta da!
She hasn't quite grasp the concept of the rolling or cutting or playing, but she liked to touch it and try to stamp it with the cookie cutter before it got rolled out. Plus she was very helpful with my creations. We even made a "snowman" since we're not going outside to try and make one!

I think it was a sucess, and it wasn't very messy to clean up, which was nice. Speaking of cleaning up, when it was time, Sariah sang the clean up song (clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere...)almost all the way through! Yay!!

16 December 2008

Santa Baby

So we're in the middle of getting 2-4 inches of snow this evening, but I couldn't pass up free Santa pictures (a la bring they provide the Santa, you provide the camera) at the Library tonight. So we braved the roads (they weren't too bad) and drove down. I guess because it was snowing, there weren't as many people, but there was still a decent line. It gave us a chance to point Santa out to Sariah and try and get her ready to sit on his lap...

...it didn't really help...
She still wasn't really sure about the whole thing, but she calmed down for a quick couple of seconds when he gave her a candy cane.

Hey, its important to get that picture with Santa, even if she's crying, right?

After our Santa visit, we headed over to the story time room for a fun Christmas themed story time. There was fun books, a puppet show, a Mickey Mouse cartoon & a reindeer hat craft! Sariah enjoyed glueing her reindeer hat & coloring it, but she didn't really want to wear it.
We wore her down eventually though and caught one or two pictures. It was past bedtime so you can see how tired she looks.
So we drove back home through the falling snow. Maybe it was crazy to go out, but I think it was totally worth it!

Here's the two videos I took. They might still be processing, so check back if they don't work right away...

11 December 2008


See I'm not dead, this blog post is proof. It might have seemed that way since I haven't posted anything this month and we're already 11 days into December. Plus its December the most wonderful time of the year! I should have tons to post about. Well, I do, check out my list:

-Thanksgiving w/ Doug's family including a trip to the dairy farm
- snow shoveling Sariah (hopefully including video!)
-Christmas decorations (if we can ever finish getting them up...)
-My newest nephew, Jacob Hod

Okay, the list seems larger in my head, maybe because blog posting isn't the only thing I'm behind on. Like most of my extended family, we caught the evil colds of death, & mine is living in my throat. [sarcasm] Oh, but good news! Its not strep throat, so my dr. won't do anything about it... [/sarcasm]

So don't give up on us, but keep looking for new blog posts. I might even get one up during Sariah's nap today if I don't feel like working on the 2 Christmas presents I have left or my secret santa gift... ;0) Did I mention I've got a lot to do?

30 November 2008

A Very Thankful Month

If you've been paying close attention, you might have noticed the thankfulness flowing from my twitter feed. I've been doing my best this month in November to be more thankful & positive about everything, so I decided on the first of the month to post one thing I was thankful for on each day in Nov. I didn't quite make it the whole month, since we went out of town for Thanksgiving and I tried to stay away from the lure of the internet during that time (more on our vacation coming soon!)

Here's the complete list:

I'm thankful that the weather is so beautiful today so we can rake all the leaves up (again!)

I'm thankful for the oppertunity to fast - it brings spiritual blessings!

I'm thankful for FHE, it def. brings our family closer together!

Is thankful to live in a land where I get to vote, even if my opinion is unpopular here, at least it is mine and I got to express it!

Is thankful for Wednesday Date Night!

Is thankful for a daughter who loves nap time!

I'm very thankful for wonderful people (Cynthia and Steven) who watch my child so we can go to the Temple!

I'm thankful for warm fuzzy blankets!

Today I'm thankful for Subway sandwiches, simply because I can load them up with veggies I didn't have to cut myself!

I'm thankful for lots of things to do so I never get bored (and most of them are fun!)

I am thankful for online bill pay!

I'm thankful to take the last pill in this round of medication

Today I am thankful for happy toddler giggles :)

I'm thankful for wrapping paper!

I'm thankful for childern's voices.

I'm thankful for Sariah, of course!

I'm thankful for modern technology - phones, cameras, computers

I'm thankful for my healthy child!

Is very thankful, even if she doesn't say it for the next week

Of course there are tons of other things (some more important than these) that I'm thankful for! We are very blessed, and I'm thankful for the oppertunity to sit back and realize it. I hope ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving season!

19 November 2008

At the Doctors...

Height: 2'9"
Weight: 25.6 lbs. (I so called it!)

She's totally healthy, and doing great! She was really interested in everything Dr. Lo did & wanted to mimic it. This includes her putting the tongue depressor in my mouth - yummy. You can really tell she's a big girl now. She got to stand on the big people scale, didn't have to get totally naked, didn't have her head circumference measured. She did have a flu shot, but she was a champ about it. And we don't have to go back for a whole year! Yay!

18 November 2008

Happy Birthday Sariah!

We've had a crazy two days! Sariah had a great birthday. She enjoyed going to story time where they sang to her (twice!) She was happy when Daddy came home earlier than normal, and then she opened presents. As you can see she got a ton of them (thanks everyone!) I tried to get her to pose with them all after she unwrapped them all, but well, you can see how that turned out...
We went to Red Robin for dinner where Sariah enjoyed very tasty mac n' cheese. Doug and I enjoyed yummy burgers and steak fries (which Doug was sad to find out are not made of breaded steak, but is the way the cut the potatoes thick.) Later we had cupcakes and ice cream.
I really tried to go low key with her cake this year, but you can see I failed because even the ice cream is molded into flowers...
Anyways, Sariah had a great day, she got to stay up late and had lots of fun! Today (after we helped Richard & Chrissie move in and took Doug to the airport) we took her 2 year portraits. We went right at the best time, it wasn't crowded when we went, and Sariah was in a really good mood. You can see we got some wonderful shots. These are just a couple of the good ones. They're also the "rough" shots. The lady there cleaned them up a bit before they printed them.

Tomorrow Sariah has her doctor check-up. I think she's going to be around 25lbs, but we'll have to see.

All 9 (!) videos can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/user/sisterrigby

All the photos can be found here: http://community.webshots.com/album/568749733Jpsfbp?vhost=community

17 November 2008

Sariah is 2!!

I can't believe its been two years! My little girl isn't a baby anymore... it makes me quite sad, but happy, too. Let's relive a little... (btw, there are videos at the bottom, so scroll, scroll!)

Here' s her first portrait, awe, just one day old...

3 months...
6 months... One year! Mmm, birthday cake! Her first year portraits...
15 months...Giving Mommy a look...

In Georgia!For Grandma, a reinactment...

Enjoying Spring...4th of July fun!Super Baby!Cheese! I'm two!Such a beautiful two year old!
I took some videos this morning, so you can see how big she is and her talking (and counting!) I haven't done this in awhile because I usually have to fight the laptop, but it worked pretty well for me today! Yay! Must be birthday luck... Enjoy!

We don't have too many plans for today, we're going to story time this afternoon and then after Doug gets home we'll open presents (there's a ton!) and go out to eat, followed by cupcakes & ice cream! Yum!

15 November 2008

Sariah and Kaitlin

Sariah's birthday is on Monday! I'm very excited and since I'm also very crafty, I decided to tackle a big project, diaper bag babies. Its a doll my mom made me and my cousins when we were young, so it was def. something I wanted Sariah to have. So since I can't make just one, and since Sariah has a friend, Kaitlin, who's birthday is on Wednesday (yes they're two days apart!) I though I'd try and make two.

This is the only picture I really have of Sariah and Kaitlin and its several months old. Kaitlin is a cutie and as her hair has gotten longer, its curly on the end.

Here's the two baby dolls in wrapped in their quilts in the bags.Here they are outside the bags.
A close up on the hair for Sariah's doll. She's got braids, just like Sariah!
Kaitlin's doll has curly hair!
Here's a close up of the little quilts!
I'm going to give them the dolls at story time at the library on Monday. We're having a "mini" party for Sariah during story time & we're bringing some mini cupcakes! I'm glad this project is done, it was harder than I thought it was going to be, but I think the girls will like them! :)

14 November 2008

Happy Post!

I'm pretty sure its been a rotten week for many of us, so here's your oppertunity to talk about something happy! Let's cheer eachother up. I know I need it.

This is going to sound silly, but Austin Natural Soap makes me happy. I picked some up at Whole Foods while I was in Austin and it just makes me happy. (Here's their website: www.austinsoap.com) First off I already love long warm happy showers, but then I get this awesome soap that smells good (I'm currently using the Wildflower scent.) I'm not really even a soap person, but I can't wait to use this stuff everyday. I before this one I was using the cowboy soap that had little bumpy things in it and smelled like lime. At first I didn't like it, but now I really miss it. I'm totally buying me some more for Christmas.

Sariah makes me happy, too. She's in a very good mood today, and the way she giggles makes me happy. She loves Curious George, and its so much fun to watch the movie with her and watch her imitate her favorite parts.

Anyways, these are just a couple things, they're trival, but right now, they're making me seriously happy in a week where I felt blue. So, leave a comment! What's making you happy right now?

09 November 2008

Tags (because I never get around to them...)

Picture Tag
1. Go to your pictures.
2. Upload the fourth picture from the fourth folder.
3. Post.

This is Doug's birthday, August 2007. He was sporting the mountain man look at the time and Sariah was only 8.5 months old! Sniff, sniff. I can't believe she'll be two in almost a week...

Tag #2 from Cynthia & Jenny...

8 TV shows I love to watch:

1. Chuck

2. Numb3rs

3.So You Think You Can Dance

4. Stargate SG-1

5.Ugly Betty

6. Frasier

7. Grey's Anatomy (although I don't know why)

8.Dancing w/ the Stars

8 favorite places I love to eat:

1. Olive Garden
2. Sonic
4. Mesa Rosa
5. Chinese place near the library
7. NeWorlDeli

8 things that happened yesterday

1. Drove to Chicago
2. Paid tolls (yuck!)
3. dropped Sariah @ Cynthia's
4. attended the Temple
5. ate at KFC in the Oaisis
6. drove home
7. took my pill
8. slept!

8 things I look forward to:

1.Sariah's birthday
2. Utah/BYU football game
3. Thanksgiving w/ the in-laws
4. Christmas!
5. storytime
6. new craft projects
7. watching Sariah learn new things
8. having more kids

8 things I love about Fall:

1. pretty leaves
2. cooler temps
3. pumkin treats of all shapes and sizes
4. halloween costumes!
5. my birthday!
6. holidays to spend time w/ family
7. Sariah's birthday
8. apples

8 things on my wish list:

1. better health
2. organization stuff
3. a maid, seriously, I hate cleaning
4. more time as a family
5. more time to do things I enjoy
6. a way to upload video to my computer
7. time, money and oppertunity to go back to school
8. more kids

My 8 Obsessions right now...

1. sewing
2. Sariah's birthday
3. Christmas presents
4. holiday stuff
5. Chuck
6. SYTYCD tour
7. feeling good about myself
8. pumkin treats

8 words or phrases that I use often

1. boogie bear, booger, boogs,
2. Doug
3. this is most certainly true
4. with/the love
5. Sariah, get down please!
6. no way!
7. I love you
8. "hi mommy!" Hi Sariah!

8 things I want to do before I die...

1. go to college
2. visit Japan
3. meet my grandkids
4. serve a mission with Doug
5. sing with a "professional" choir
6. be more Christ-like
7. go back to Europe
8. support Doug in whatever he wants to do

8 things I want or need right now

1. more sleep

2. more time

3. an excercise buddy

4. yogurt -seriously!

5. less stress

6. to get to bed

7. someone (people) who wants to play guitar hero: world tour with me

8. another answer for this question...

Yay! That was fun. Feel free to play along. Oh, and sorry if this formats wierd, its being difficult. Also, a big thanks to everyone for their meal ideas, we'll be eating very well this month!

06 November 2008


I'm offically out of dinner ideas. Would you comment and leave me yours? I don't need recipies, just ideas. I'm esp. looking for heart healthy ideas (so mac & cheese is out *sob*, but anything with veggies is in!) I need about 7 of them so I can meal plan and go shopping!

HUGS! and Thanks!

31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

We're hoping everyone has a spooktaticular day! Its been a busy week for us, full of festivities & fun (and a bit of stress, but isn't that normal?)

Monday: We had our annual Halloween playgroup where we all get together with the kids in costume.

From R to L: Elle the Ladybug, Sariah the Pirate, Cora the Turkey, Kaitlin the Pink Dragon & Nathan the Green Dragon

We were over at Susan & Tessa's house & they have this indoor slide thingie that Sariah loved to climb all over. Seriously, she should just be a monkey every year, because she's one everyday.

Yes, I put my costume on for awhile for this one, I mean, hey, I made it, I should get some use out of it!
Aren't we the two cutest pirates ever?

This next pic is what happens when you try to get two almost two year olds to stand next to eachother & smile.

Wednesday: We had our Ward Playgroup party. I didn't get any pictures, but my friend Heidi did, so I'll post some when she sends me them.
Thurdsay: This was our busy day, we had the Library Halloween party in the morning & our Trunk or Treat that night.

Here's Sariah during the "Parade of Costumes" at the Library, yup, I'm back in mine too...

The rest of these are from the Trunk or Treat. Because Doug was home so last minute, I didn't have time to make him a pirate costume. Instead he dressed up like a Nerd Herder @ the Buy More from the TV show "Chuck" (Seriously the best show on tv right now, and nobody watches it because nobody got his costume...)

Arrr maties! We may not be fierce pirates, but we're cute!
Look its Doug vs. The Pirates! (Its how they name all the Chuck episodes... Chuck vs. the Ninja, etc.)
This though, was the best costume of the night.... Look, we had Shrek at our party!
Its been a crazy week, but we've had lots of fun. Tonight we've got the Neighborhood Halloween Party & then maybe it'll be a little quite for awhile (or at least till Thanksgiving!) Happy Haunting Everyone!