06 July 2015

21 June 2010


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We'll be there now, starting with pictures from our Summer Vacation to Utah...

See you there!

17 June 2010

Packing Up

Be patient with me folks. We just got back from wonderful vacation early, EARLY Wednesday morning, plus I've decided to move to a new blog because I can't get the title/web address of this one to fit us anymore now that we're more than 3. So give me some time to recuperate & figure stuff out & then I'll regale you with our goings on with the brand new blog. Stay tuned...

03 June 2010

26 May 2010

Bad Blogger

I've decided something. I'm not loving the blogging so much right now, and its a shame because there's a lot going on. I just can't seem to either find the time, or when I have the time I don't have the brain power to write something that sounds intelligent. I feel like every month I'm saying the same things over and over, esp. about Bryson and not telling you the good stuff. Like do you know that Bryson loves naked time? He'd live in just a diaper if I'd let him, but of course you wouldn't know that because I haven't told you. I forgot to write about it when I was doing his 4 month post. I think my brain can only process two things at a time, and those two things are Bryson & Sariah.

So here's a big catch up post, and then you probably won't hear from me for awhile. These are not necessarily in order of importance, but in order in which they happened.

Furniture rearranging

I'm one of these people that can't just clean a room, I have to totally rearrange it. (Just ask my parents.) So when our downstairs family room was in constant disarray, it needed a big change & quick! It always just felt so small & cramped down there. So I fixed it. I moved (almost) everything 90 degrees. I think the end result is much better.
Also, in the hopes that toys stay picked up, I labeled everything where it belongs with easy to understand (but not great works of art) labels. We've also instigated a "toy time out" for any toy that isn't put away before bed time. Those toys disappear until the end of the month, and then they will be given back. Honestly though, Sariah is so worried about anything ended up in toy time out, she's really keeping it clean after she plays.
See our jumperoo? Bryson loves it! Which is great because Sariah hated it. The teething toys that Sariah refused to play with are also getting some Bryson love. Thank goodness.
Much, much better! Between the more open feeling & the fact that its like 10 degrees cooler down there, I think we'll be downstairs more this Summer.
Sariah turns 3.5 years old

Every month I do a Bryson post and I was feeling like Sariah was getting a little left out (not that she notices.) So since she's officially (as of the 17th) 3.5 years old, I thought I'd share some things about how wonderful she is and how much I love this age!
First off, I love a potty trained Sariah, she's so great at it. I love that all her clothes fit better now that we're out of diapers. I love that she can get dressed all by herself and picks out all her clothes.

I love how trusting she is. I love how every hug has to be a flying leap into our arms (sometimes from off the top of the stairs when were 2 or more stairs down. Talk about fearless!) I love how friendly she is, but how she can still play by herself. I love that she's really making friends now.
I love how much she loves her brother. I love how she's now into princesses (thanks to the aforementioned friends and Grandma C.), but how her favorite shows still are Curious George & the Wiggles. I love that she loves to dress up in fancy clothes, but she still wants to be an astronaut when she grows up.

I love how she can do chores we ask he to do. I love how curious she is. I love how she asks about the meaning of every song we listen to in the car. I love how she asks about what different words she hears in those songs mean. I love it when she asks me to "know her letters." check out these work sheets she's done. The only time I helped her was on the first "D."

I love when I catch her singing the words in Primary (and not just the chorus to Follow the Prophet.) I love when we play Guitar Hero together, and she sings the chorus to Jessie's Girl. I love how every time I finish a song she cheers "Yay Mommy!" I love when she wants me to read books to her. I love it when she surprises me by knowing how the computer works, or that the word on our Netflix Wii says "retrieving" even though I don't think we've ever told her that out right.

I love her prayers. I love that we can open the scriptures and explain things like the Word of Wisdom or Modesty or Faith to her and she gets it. I love Sariah more than I could ever say.

Bryson Doctor Appointment

Vital Stats on 5/19

Height: 25in (49%)
Weight: 16 lbs 11 oz (80%)

Everything was looking great, & even his umbilical hernia seems to be healing (did I even mention that he has one? Well he does.) Which leads us to...

Bryson's first bites

Since everything was looking good, we went ahead that night and started rice cereal. Those first bites were uncertain, but since then he's really taken to it. Last night he was chowing down so much he ate 4 Tbs. He really likes it if you get that spoon in sideways and he can lick/suck it down. I like it because it is once less time I have to nurse during the day and I feel like I can get a bit of a break.

One would hope that since he's eating so well, he would sleep all night, but that has only happened once. We're getting there.

Everything breaks weekend

Last weekend was a laugh riot (not.) Friday morning I got the kids in my car to go to a play date and it wouldn't start. It turned on, but it wouldn't turn over. Swell. So I frantically called Doug and he came home picked us up, and we used his car all weekend. We got it fixed yesterday. The starter & the battery both needed replacing. So frustrating when we are going to trade that car in and get a new one in like 2 months.

Then Sunday, right after chruch my cell phone died. I'd had the phone for all of 23 days. It stopped holding a charge. So after we dropped Doug off at work on Monday, we ran to the Sprint store. They gave me a brand new phone, which was good. I lost all the pictures, video & phone contacts in my old phone, which is bad. So unless your immediate family, I probably don't have your phone number anymore. If you want me to have it, feel free to email me.

Final note

I feel the need to mention briefly that Doug's Team Lead (his boss at work) passed away on the 14th. He was only 29 years old. We really liked this man, he was Doug's mentor when he first started & they shared an office for several months. He was a good boss that always gave favorable reviews & constructive criticism. I didn't know him personally, but we did have him over to our apartment once for game night. I would often say hi to him in the halls if we saw him when we ate lunch with Doug. He was really great about approving leave, esp. the time it was short notice because a business trip got canceled that I was meeting Doug at, so he gave him a week of vacation instead. I hope he knows how much we appreciated him & may he be at peace. They are having a memorial service at work for him today.

Well that's it. I'll try to post pictures now & again. You can catch me on facebook, twitter or real life if you want to know what's up with us!

13 May 2010

4 Months

Did you know Bryson is related to Italian Plumbers from Brooklyn*? Yup, he's growing that mustache quite quickly... ;)

But seriously! We're happy to report that Bryson has made it to 4 months old! He's pretty happy, too.
Bryson has quite the personality. He wakes up every morning so happy to see us & for 30 minutes he's all smiles. But then he's down to business & its time for breakfast. Breakfast is followed by some sleepy time and our day goes from there depending on what's on schedule for Sariah that day. He usually takes an afternoon snooze as well. We're not really good at sleeping only in his crib during the day. Often naps are taken in the car seat as we zoom around town, or in his swing, which he is rapidly out growing. He has a definite grumpy time in the evening before bed, usually coinciding with dinner and Sariah's bed time routine. Then its to bed for the evening, though its guaranteed that he'll wake again in the middle of the night at least once, if not twice. If I'm lucky, he'll sleep till 4:30 before he wakes, but that's not often the case.

His vision has gotten better, and just in the last two weeks he's finally following things with his eyes. He's found some of his toys, and definitely his hands. Bryson's favorite things are hands, his hands, my hands, Daddy's hands. They all end up in Bryson's mouth several times a day.

Other Bryson Four Month Fun Facts:

-He likes his tummy time. He likes to lift that head up and look around. Yesterday he even pushed himself forward off his elbows and moved 4 inches or so, but it def. startled him. I don't think he really knows what to do with those arms yet. He was getting really good at the rolling from tummy to back, but he's stopped for now, probably to learn something else.

-He likes playing with his sister & daddy. Sariah will often roll the ball to him and Daddy, who with help Bryson kick the ball back to Sister. Its quite cute. They also enjoy a good game of chase, as long as Daddy is helping Bryson "get" Sariah.

-He likes to stand up. He can't do it on his own, but he much prefers it if someone will help him stand up. He's a strong little guy!

-He loves church. He is usually the most quietest, the calmest, and eats the best when we're at church. It almost makes me wish we went to church everyday.

-He's got a Drs. appt. on the 19th, so I'll check back then, but he's a big little guy! I'm pretty sure he's at least 17 lbs. In comparison, Sariah wasn't 17 lbs until she was almost 13 months.

We sure love having Bryson around!

*in case it was unclear, I was talking about the Super Mario Brothers

22 April 2010

Hard Work

Do you wonder what Doug does at work all day? Well he makes pretty pictures like this one with stickers, of course!
Okay, not really. Actually Sariah put the stickers on that picture. But she did do it at Doug's work place because today was take your child to work day. Oh how I love this event. The reality of it is that they do nothing that's actually like work, but the kids come and they get food, make crafts & get fun stuff to take home. (And I get some time off, or in this year's case with just the baby!)

I asked Doug if they had some sort of safari theme this year to the event, but he said no, even though it sure seems like it to me! They got their picture taken in front of this toucan.

There was the prerequisite snacks and treats. Sariah enjoyed some tasty cheese curds & ice cream.I think she rocks this look, don't you?
They also decorated fun masks. Sariah also rocks this look.
It was very enjoyable daddy/daughter time! Its also probably the best two hours of work for Doug every year!