31 December 2008

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy & prosperous new year! I've got a great feeling about 2009!

2008 - A Scrapbook Year in Review

2008 Scrapbook

23 December 2008

Sariah Shovels Snow

Let's chat a little about the snowfall here. We've had a lot so far. In fact we're probably right on par with the 100 inches we had last year. Yippy skippy. On the bright side, Sariah LOVES the snow this year. She likes to touch it, play in it & even shovel it. Well she sort of shovels it. We bought her a child's shovel, but her hands are too small for her mittens, so she has a hard time grasping the shovel... Take a look, its very cute! Just so you know, I think these videos are about a month old, but we've had pretty consistant snowfall the past 3 days, so I was reminded that I wanted to share. Enjoy!! Meanwhile I'm going to continue to hide in my warm house and drink cocoa.

21 December 2008

The End of the Newlyweds

Someone once told me that a married couple is considered newlyweds until their 3rd anniversary or the birth of their first child, which ever comes first. Since we had Sariah before we even had our first anniversary, I've always still considered us to be newlyweds. Well today is our 3rd anniversary. I love Doug more today that I did the day I married him, and tomorrow I'll love him even more. May we always act like newlyweds, no matter how many anniversaries we have...

19 December 2008


We are literally snowed in today. I'm not leaving this house. So that adds an extra element of "what the heck ARE we going to do today?" So then I thought, hey I could make some playdough! Sariah has never played with it, since I don't want to buy it, and I remember it leaving a mess. But I thought I could make some. So using handy dandy google... ta da!
She hasn't quite grasp the concept of the rolling or cutting or playing, but she liked to touch it and try to stamp it with the cookie cutter before it got rolled out. Plus she was very helpful with my creations. We even made a "snowman" since we're not going outside to try and make one!

I think it was a sucess, and it wasn't very messy to clean up, which was nice. Speaking of cleaning up, when it was time, Sariah sang the clean up song (clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere...)almost all the way through! Yay!!

16 December 2008

Santa Baby

So we're in the middle of getting 2-4 inches of snow this evening, but I couldn't pass up free Santa pictures (a la bring they provide the Santa, you provide the camera) at the Library tonight. So we braved the roads (they weren't too bad) and drove down. I guess because it was snowing, there weren't as many people, but there was still a decent line. It gave us a chance to point Santa out to Sariah and try and get her ready to sit on his lap...

...it didn't really help...
She still wasn't really sure about the whole thing, but she calmed down for a quick couple of seconds when he gave her a candy cane.

Hey, its important to get that picture with Santa, even if she's crying, right?

After our Santa visit, we headed over to the story time room for a fun Christmas themed story time. There was fun books, a puppet show, a Mickey Mouse cartoon & a reindeer hat craft! Sariah enjoyed glueing her reindeer hat & coloring it, but she didn't really want to wear it.
We wore her down eventually though and caught one or two pictures. It was past bedtime so you can see how tired she looks.
So we drove back home through the falling snow. Maybe it was crazy to go out, but I think it was totally worth it!

Here's the two videos I took. They might still be processing, so check back if they don't work right away...

11 December 2008


See I'm not dead, this blog post is proof. It might have seemed that way since I haven't posted anything this month and we're already 11 days into December. Plus its December the most wonderful time of the year! I should have tons to post about. Well, I do, check out my list:

-Thanksgiving w/ Doug's family including a trip to the dairy farm
- snow shoveling Sariah (hopefully including video!)
-Christmas decorations (if we can ever finish getting them up...)
-My newest nephew, Jacob Hod

Okay, the list seems larger in my head, maybe because blog posting isn't the only thing I'm behind on. Like most of my extended family, we caught the evil colds of death, & mine is living in my throat. [sarcasm] Oh, but good news! Its not strep throat, so my dr. won't do anything about it... [/sarcasm]

So don't give up on us, but keep looking for new blog posts. I might even get one up during Sariah's nap today if I don't feel like working on the 2 Christmas presents I have left or my secret santa gift... ;0) Did I mention I've got a lot to do?