07 April 2009

A Susan Tag

Healthy Pleasures – Things that I like that make me feel like a good person.

1. Working out with Sariah

2. Long walks as a Family

3. Reading good books

4. Big salads for lunch

5. Trying a new healthy recipe

6. encouraging others

7. keeping my house clean

8.talking with a good friend

9. Doing something crafty

10. sleeping enough at night

Basic Pleasures – Things that provide a simple feel-good feeling.

1. playing my wii

2. creative writing

3. playgroups

4. warm spring or fall days at the playground

5. flying a kite

6. gardening

7. family vacations

8. Kissing my husband

9. lunch with Doug at work

10. Laughing with family

Guilty Pleasures – Pleasures that may bring shame or mild self-loathing or things that aren't really good or bad.

1. ordering pizza

2. Homemade macaroni and cheese

3. eating a pint of ice cream

4. Taking naps

5. Blog or facebook stalking

6. watching episode after episode of a show instead of doing something productive

7.shopping when we don't really need anything

8. youtube

9. puzzle games like tetris

10. random hair cuts

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Just posted my tag, too. I agree with pretty much all of yours. As for the first number 6, you're doing a great job with that one on 10in6!