29 October 2009

Happy 30th Lisa!


To my "Sister," Lisa, Happy 30th Birthday! Honestly? Its not as bad as we thought... :) Love ya!

13 October 2009

Neun und Neunzig

At some point last night, my little creepy floating baby reminded me that I had only 100 days until my due date. To that thought, I went, "Really? Sweet!" Honestly, the second pregnancy isn't as busy as my first. We already have a lot of things ready, and as soon as we found out it was a boy we went out & got clothes & decorated the nursery. We seem to be in a hold pattern for now. Thankfully, its fall, so there's lots of things to keep us busy!

Some basic pregnancy updates.

*I'm feeling tons better. About 2 or 3 days before my birthday, I realized that I had energy again! I started feeling (almost) normal again, except of course for the bulging belly. My food aversions are gone, and its nice to be able to eat again. (I've gained a bit of weight to prove it!) So the 2nd trimester came a little late (like 10 weeks) but thankfully it came!

*Everything is looking good at my doctor's appointments. I'm still nervous about having another big baby. Last week I measured on the outside about a week ahead. We'll just have to see what happens. I get to go in for glucose testing in about 2 weeks. Joy.

*I've been feeling movement since week 14, but its nice to start getting those good hard kicks. Unfortunately, they are extremely low. I can't be certain, but it seems like this little boy's feet are wedged low near my cervix. Almost all the movement is under my belly. My kidneys and colon feel like they are getting a beating all night long. Hopefully he unwedges soon and flips, no breach babies please!

*We're getting Sariah use to the idea of baby brother. She knows the room where we change her diaper is "brother's room." She's still in love with babies, which is a good thing. Yesterday, we were over at a friend's house, and she kept telling me she had to "pet" the baby. She even got to hold him. I think she's going to be a great big sister.

*Doug came back from the Priesthood session of General Conference totally excited about being a father to a boy. He's going to be a great example to our little guy!

*Finally, here's a shot of me with 99 days to go, a day shy of 26 weeks... scary, isn't it?

11 October 2009

Autumn Leaves are Falling Down

Can you tell what this is a picture of?Here, I'll give you a hint...
Yup, its our driveway, although its covered in leaves. The sad part? I swept it totally clean yesterday & Doug mowed all the leaves up. But then last night we had our first freeze and I guess the tree didn't take it well...
On another note... How cute is our daughter?
I think she's extremely cute!

07 October 2009

Where in the World?

We finished the baby's room last night! Well, I should say almost finished because I still have one or two more little things that I'm waiting on, but for the most part, its painted, and the big pictures are put up. We decided to go with a map theme for this room. Its based off a room I saw in a magazine, but we went with browns instead of blues, just in case I ever have to girl the room up at some point. You can ignore the ugly dresser & pack n play though, that's temporary baby furniture that will be replaced with a nice new bedroom set when baby is no longer a baby & ready for a big boy bed. So let's look at the pictures, shall we?

This is the corner of the room where our "changing closet" is located. That picture frame next to is is the one some of the postcards people are sending me will be placed. I have plans for the others as well, so no worries! The brown paint on the wall looks a funny color in these pictures, just know its a nicer color in person.The top of the dresser, once again, ignore the picture of Doug and I in the frame. That's our 32 weeks shot when I was pregnant with Sariah. It'll be replaced with a new one in about 7 weeks. The outfit on the dresser is his "coming home" outfit for the hospital. Its the same one as we used with Sariah, with a different blanket (it use to be Doug's) and a new small monkey toy.
These are the maps on the walls.
A close up of the stars that border the room, and the clock, which isn't too interesting, but useful when nursing in the middle of the night!
In case you're wondering, the temple pictured there is Chicago. We tried to go with the closest temples around for the kid's rooms, Sariah has a picture of Nauvoo in her room.
Check out my red curtains, I made those. :) They're "blackout" curtains, so they'll block more light out the room in the morning when the sun is streaming into the room.
(I see a Sariah...) The curtains are suppose to match that toy bucket & the red on the baskets you'll see in the changing closet.
Speaking of the changing closet, we added shelves on the other side (next picture) so we have a whole lot of storage on this side now. The green bucket is empty, but the other two are filled with boy clothes in bigger sizes.
Check out all the storage space! I love it!
So that's the room for now. If I find the cord for the other camera, I'll post the pictures Sariah took that document us painting it. Its been a fun project to work on during this last birthday/conference weekend. I'm glad to have it (mostly) done!

03 October 2009

The Big 3 - 0

Yesterday I left my twenties behind & moved into what I'm going to call the quiet thirties. I call it that because I won't hit a lot of milestones in my thirties. If you think about it, in your teens & twenties lots of stuff happens, high school, college, missions, marriage, first kids, etc. My thirties will still be filled with milestones for my kids, and lots of great life will be going on, but I'm hoping for a calmer existence that what my teens & twenties were!

So, in honor of my birthday, Doug took the day off from work. We woke up and he made me a yummy breakfast, then we hurried off to story time. Afterward we headed to the Home Depot for paint & shelving, and after lunch the day was spent painting the baby's room. I know what you're thinking, painting? Really? Yup, I've been waiting to start decorating that room all week, and what better day when my hubby is off work to do it! Its like my birthday present to me.

Sariah working hard
After the painting was finished, we had dinner out at the Olive Garden. Then after dinner, presents & bed time for little ones. Then Doug and I had birthday dessert. In the end I choose to make 2 cheesecakes, the Key Lime & the Brownie. It wasn't until I was beating the Brownie & the Key Lime was finished that I realized I didn't add the sugar into the Key Lime. It couldn't matter that much, could it? Oh yes it can! It turned out tasting like a very bad block of sour/bitter cheese. Doug managed to eat a piece by mooshing it together with the whipped topping, then we tossed the rest.

A very bad tasting Key Lime Cheesecake
A very tasty Brownie CheescakeThe Brownie Cheesecake turned out much better, although next time I think I'll try to either use less chocolate chips on the top, or make the "lines" thinner, because there are some seriously thick chocolate pieces on top!

All in all, it was a busy, productive, fun birthday. All joking aside, its not bad to be 30. There's some sort of stability about it. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next decade provides!!

The birthday girl & her adorable husband