31 March 2009

Hangin' w/ My Girls

I've been spending lots of time with the Sister Missionaries lately, so since everything else in life is kind of dull, I'll share.

Tuesday night is exchanges. (I'm not going tonight :( ) This picture is about 3 weeks old, back when Sis. Behrends was with us (we had a dritt).
Top row l to r: My awesome friend Beth, who's only been a member a year, Sis. Behrends, Aly
Bottom row: me, Sis. Nichols, Sis. Hafen
Shortly after that we had them over for dinner. Since Sis. Behrends is from Germany (we first met her last year when she was here w/ Sis. Grasser, also from Germany) we enjoyed a German feast of Nurenberg wuerst, knoedel, roet kohl & cucumber salad with fruit tea and german chocolate for dessert. Here I am last week on exchanges again. It was raining buckets and Sis. Hafen and I had to stop for gas. There was literally a river of water under the car, so I was pumping the gas like so.

Here we are again last week. I've been on so many joint teaches & exchanges lately, that I'm feeling like a missionary again. I even dream about it...

So, totally changing directions of where this post was going. Here's some pictures of Sariah watching Curious George this afternoon.
Yes, those are Doug's socks on her arms, I'm trying to get a mountain of laundry folded, and she took this oppertunity to "help."
She's so cute. My mother-in-law sent me this shirt she's wearing.I'm in the mood to try and upload the videos I recently took of Sariah, so stay tuned & cross your fingers that the lap top is in a good mood.


Amber and The Boys said...

Oh my word! That first pic is my house!! How weird to see it!

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, I totally remember that shirt! That used to be mine! How on earth can I remember an item of clothing I wore TWENTY-SIX years ago?? It looks very cute on Sariah. Of course, the socks/arm warmers make a great accessory. :)

Lisa said...

I thought the socks were some sort of waffle-weave layering shirt, and that it was really cute. Then you pointed out that they're socks, and they're still cute, but in a different way.

So, when you had the two German sisters, did the four of you all talk in German? And did anyone snicker at Doug's Austrian accent?

Melissa said...

Sariah is so cute! That is awesome that you get to go out with the Sister Missionaries. I haven't done that in a long time.

Alan and Denise said...

It's good you enjoy exchanges with the Sisters. And it sounds like you are good to them.

Cute pictures of Sariah--she looks very engrossed in what she's watching!

Susan said...

I'm liking the glasses!