29 June 2009

Camping & Laziness

Yes! We were camping over Father's Day weekend, and we had a blast. We met Doug's sister Jenny & her family at Custer State Park, South Dakota. We had a really great time.

Unfortunately since we've gotten home, I've been pretty lazy when it comes to blogging & sorting through the 500 (I'm not kidding) pictures we took. I may get around to it eventually. In the meantime, enjoy Jenny's Blog & her comments from the trip.

I'm also hoping to post about Doug & my date to Summerfest last Saturday to see BNL. It was pretty sweet. :)

17 June 2009

Sariah the Cat

Lately, Sariah has been refusing naps. Unfortunately, with all the Summer fun, she really needs one, but since she doesn't, she often falls asleep around 4pm anyways, just exhausted. Yesterday, I was getting ready to leave for enrichment & Doug was outside mowing the lawn so we don't get cited by the city again (that's another long story.) Sariah was downstairs watching Clifford the Big Red Dog, and this is how I found her when I went to leave.
Poor thing. She must be really comfortable with her balance to fall asleep on the couch like that. I don't know what happened after I left because she was still sleeping, but I think Doug moved her so she didn't wake up and fall off the back of the couch. I guess we'll have to try and be better about nap times!

13 June 2009

County Dairy Breakfast

Since Sariah has decided that she likes to wake up before recognized times in the morning, (I only recognize one 5:30 a day, and that's in the evening) we decided it would be fun to head to the county dairy breakfast. Apparently, this is a yearly event and each county hosts one at a local dairy farm.

It unfortunately rained last night, so the ground was soft & muddy, but we thankfully didn't get the car stuck in the field where we had to park. (Unlike in '98 when I got my car stuck at a concert at Southpark Meadows, Christi knows what I'm talking about!) From the field to the dairy farm we got a tractor ride, which just might have been Sariah's favorite part (aside from seeing the cows.)

The breakfast was decent, I was able to eat the scrambled eggs, sausage, coffee cake, but I had to pass on the cheese cubes & ice cream. (I know, the fact that ice cream makes me nausious is a sad sad thing!) Unlike the dairy farm that we visited in Kansas last November, this one doesn't process it's milk on site, so they handed out milk from sponser McDonalds, which was a little weird.

We enjoyed all the booths about the dairy farms and things. Sariah even got cow spots painted on her face. We took a short horse drawn cart tour around the farm, then took a closer look at the cows. Then we hoped a tractor ride back to our car & headed home. It was a pretty good morning. Maybe next year when I'm not loathing dairy we'll go visit some of the neighboring county dairy breakfasts, too!

09 June 2009

Baby's First Ultrasound

Here's Baby! I had my first ultrasound today, mainly just to date the baby, and baby is doing great. Baby is measuring 7 weeks 2 days, which is a couple of days less than where I thought I was, but kinda makes sense because my symptoms seem to change on Sundays. So we'll kind of run with that. Heart beat was at a healthy 147 bpm and I just love getting to see the heartbeat. In this picture, baby is upside down with the head at the bottom & the body on the top. At least that's what she told me. :)

05 June 2009

Update on my 10 in 6 challenges

So of course right now I'm not really focusing on weight loss anymore, but we still have a hearty group of gals that want to continue, so we're starting the 10 in 6 challenge again, but a little different. The info is up on the 10 in 6 blog...

But also, since I'm pregnant, I was hoping to get a support system going for us pregnant ladies. I know lots of ladies expecting right now, so I hope ya'll are interested in joining our community. I'm calling it Healthy Bellies, but its not just a group focused on eating & exercise during pregnancy, but all aspects, the good & the bad. I want it to be a place we can all share.

So if you're interested in joining the 10 in 6 or Healthy Bellies, feel free to register with our NEW Message Boards. I can't wait to see you there! (Also if you just want to hang with the coolest people on the internet, there's a general board. We love input from our friends!)