30 May 2009


Sariah: I wear shoes! Daddy wear shoes?

Daddy: Should I get dressed first?

Sariah: Daddy get dress... I wear dress, too!

26 May 2009

Coming Attractions

Coming to our house approx. Jan 20th, 2010! Don't miss the next greatest hit!


Sariah singing the Baby Bumblebee song... its a favorite with all the nursery kids!

Yeah, this video is several weeks old & pre-haircut, I just got around to uploading...

23 May 2009

Brat Fest 2009

Its that time again, Brat Fest! I love going on Saturday morning. If we leave our house around 10:30ish, we get there just in time to get great parking, start eating brats, enjoy some music & leave before it gets crowded or crazy. We got there just in time to see the University of Wisconsin marching band (well a small version of it anyways) and the Budweiser Horses. Sariah thought the horses were pretty cool, but all the music this year seemed REALLY loud, so we didn't stay very long. The music on the stage this year was the Blues Brothers Band. There were a pretty enjoyable cover band (although they kinda look like older guys trying to hold on to that time when they were really cool...)

We had a great morning, and we've spent a quiet afternoon relaxing & I sewed a dress. Hope you're having a relaxing weekend... Monday, a parade!

19 May 2009

Easter Dresses

My mother-in-law reminded me that I never blogged about Easter. Well, that's because I lost the memory card to our nice camera along with practically all my photos from this year. So I can't share the pictures of us dying eggs or other fun things. But these are the matching dresses for Sariah and I. Dresses are so much fun to sew!

Great Husband!

Flowers for practically no reason... awesome!

12 May 2009

Snip Snip

I did it, I can't believe it! Sariah got her hair cut today. She was awful wiggly, which made it hard for the lady to cut, but its pretty straight, considering. I was really nervous about the whole thing, but I LOVE it. I think it makes her look like more of a little kid & less of a toddler. She's a little confused on what happened, but I think she likes it. Its def. going to be easier to deal with & less out of her face (but not completely.) I'm going to miss styling it, but it'll grow & then when she's older & less wiggly, it'll be easier anyways. Best of all, she's still beautiful! Yay!

06 May 2009

to cut or not to cut?

Sariah's hair is really long. I'm talking almost to her waist in the back. Not surprising since it has never been cut and she had a lot to start with. When its washed and done up, its so pretty & girly, and it has a slight natural curl at the bottom that is awesome! The down side is that Sariah hates having it washed, or brushed or anything done to it. It gets all tangly so easily, and she gets food in it. I'm dreading the Summer, since it'll have to be done up and then washed every time we go to the park.

So I'm thinking, maybe its time to cut it. We could do a cute bob or something and cut it so it stays out of her face & is less hasstle. (I'm all for less power struggles...) On the other hand, cutting my baby's hair? SOB!

What do ya'll think? There's a poll on the side, too...