31 October 2007

Happy Halloween! (Very Long Post!)

We've had a lot of fun activities this Halloween!! While we decided not to take Sariah trick or treating, there were several parties we attended. Here's just a few (and by a few I mean a ton!) of pictures of our Halloween festivites!

Book Baby Halloween Party 10/22:
These are the cookies I decorated for the party. They're Nutter Butters covered in while chocolate w/ red hots for eyes... spooky! They can also be done with keebler elf cookies, which I did for our play group party later since we can't have peanut products in the church (we have a child w/ a deadly allergy)Here's Sariah as Pebbles, a Vampire Bat, and Isabella the Lady Bug before the real chaos started! Pretty Pebbles!
We tried to take a group picture, as you can see it was very crazy! Its hard to get 9 kids under 1 to all stay still/be happy to take a group shot. You can see I gave it several tries, and never really managed it.)

After we all gave up and just played!
Trunk Or Treat 10/30:
Sariah right before, looking cute in her Pebbles costume.
Here's Matt, he always has the best costume. Last year he was the periodic table of elements. This year he was a school picture retake, complete w/ big ugly glasses an orthadontic head piece and mismatch tie/shirt. This picture is kinda blurry, but it was seriously excellent!
Here's the video of Sariah and Doug crossing the stage in the Costume Parade. With them is my friend Hollie and her son Alex that she dressed up as Bamm Bamm Rubble.

Here they are together if you missed that. Aren't they cute? Alex is about 5 months older than Sariah and he's one solid toddler. Sariah is a wisp of a thing.
Playgroup Halloween Party 10/31:
We had our normal Playgroup this morning but with costumes and fun in the gym at the church. I had also bought Sariah this monkey costume (for alterior reasons) so I decided to be lazy and put her in it all day. She's my little monkey girl!
Here she is with Jonah from the ward. They were on the other side of the gym from me. Jonah is about 6 weeks older than Sariah. He was trying to help her walk and wanted to hold her hand. Its really cute... her first beau!
Here's another kid dressed as a monkey. (I feel bad I can't remember his name! There's a ton of kids in our ward!) Monkey love Pretzles.
Happy smiliey monkey!
Finally here' s our Halloween Dinner... Eyeball Tacos... mmm....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! We're just waiting for trick-or-treaters now. We haven't gotten as many as I thought we would, so that's kinda disappointing. But all in all, its been a fun first Halloween for Sariah!

29 October 2007

Time to Make a Change...

When I returned from my mission in 2004, I was a slim 170 lbs. I wore a size 12 jean and I looked good. A month later I had already gained enough weight to be out of that size 12 jean, and I convinced myself that it wasn't my fault, it was America. I told myself that one just couldn't be thin in this society, with our cars and our fast food. You had to be a total fanatic and work-out 24/7 and eat nothing to be thin in Amercia. Yup, it wasn't my fault that I gained weight.

When I married Doug, I was already up to 220 lbs. After having Sariah, I was at 232 lbs. As the summer wore on, I treated myself a lot to unhealthy things because I "deserved it" for being a good mom. I had stress, I needed to relieve it. Then I started having wierd pains. I went to the dr. at the beginning of October and weighed in at 244 lbs., the heaviest I had ever been while I wasn't pregnant. I needed to make a change, or things were just going to get worse.

So we bought an excercise bike, we've had it almost two weeks now. I use it 6 days a week. But if I was really going to get better, I had to fix my food habits. Enter Dr. Phil. Yeah, I know what you're thinking... "Dr. Phil? Seriously?" Yup. I liked to watch his show for kicks when Sariah napped in the spring, and I remember him mentioning his book. The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys To Weight Loss Success. I was curious, but I didn't expect much, so I checked it out from the library.

Boy was I suprised. I just spent the last week and a half reading and studing it. I'd read a chapter in the evening and then impliment those things the next day. Yeah, there's nothing new in the book, but it does make you sit down and really think about WHY you do things and then how to fix your reaction so that it doesn't involve food. There are tons of self-evaluations in the book.

It turns out I was eating for all the wrong reasons and eating all the wrong things. I ate when I was bored. I ate in front of the tv, the computer, when reading a book. I didn't pay attention to food, and I ate too fast. I ate to relieve stress. I ate to reward myself. I binged when I was having a bad day. The worst thing was, I didn't realize it.

A week and a half later, things are different. I'm changing my response to life and to the way I use food. I'm eating less, eatting healthier, and feeling just as, or more satisfied. Best off, some of my clothes are already starting to fit beter. I didn't need to just diet, I needed a total change, and I'm working on it.

I'm really blessed too, to have such a wonderful loving husband. Doug's been my support, my cheerleader, my umpire, my teammate. He's there to congradulate me when I do good and to lift me up when I fall a little. Best off, he loves me no matter what.

I hope you'll take this journey with me, even if you're just reading along. I know its only been a week and a half, but we're making changes for a lifetime now. If your curious, I highly recommend Dr. Phil's book, you can click on the pic for a link to it on amazon.com. But if you read it, don't just skim through. Do the excercises and the audits. Really think about what's going on in your life. It will help, I know it will!

22 October 2007

Congrats to Jason & Jodi!

A Big Congradulations to my brother Jason and his new bride Jodi! They were married on the beach in Savahanna, GA last Saturday. I didn't get to go, but I did "steal" these pics from Jodi's facebook page (I hope you don't mind!) I'm really happy for the both of them, and I'm looking forward to actaully meeting her in person! Don't they look happy?
I really like this picture of them with James (Jodi's 2 year old). What a happy family! In a year from now they plan on being sealed in the Bountiful temple.
I love this picture! Here's Jodi throwing the bouquet to my mom... :)
Congrats again!

20 October 2007

A cookie for Jenny & Susan

Yup, that dress use to be a pillowcase. When I first set up the sewing machine, it was the only fabric I had that I was willing to part with. It use to be from a set of sheets that my mom had for her King sized bed, which I'm pretty sure she doesn't use anymore, or I hope so anyways since I've "ruined" that one pillowcase.

I asked Doug what he thinks and he said to him, it'll always be a pillow case...

Since making the dress I've been to the craft store and now I've made a trick-or-treat bag & some pj pants for Sariah. Yup, I figured out how to use a pattern! Yeah me!

19 October 2007

I made that!

I used some of my birthday money to buy me a new sewing machine! Now all my friends are probably suprised, since I've never had the inclination to sew before, but I caught a bug, and I've got all these great project ideas in my head. So I set my sewing maching up yesterday and was eager to try it out. So I made this dress for Sariah... What do you think?

So, what do you think? Should I let Sariah out in public wearing it? A cookie to anyone who can guess what this use to be before I got my hands on it. We're off to the craft store today for some fabric and other good stuff!

16 October 2007

Family Fun

Sariah and I just returned from a 5 day trip to Utah to see my brother's new baby boy, J.T., and visit family out there. We had a really good time and Sariah really enjoyed all the attention she got from everyone. Its great that she's so friendly, she warmed up to almost everyone really quickly, and did well for so many new faces all at once. My mom flew up from Texas and my other brother, Jason, came from Georgia so almost my entire family was there, minus Doug, Jason's fience, Jodi, and her son, James, and my Dad. We stayed at my Oma's house, so there was lots of room and people were always ready to play with Sariah.

Thursday, we drove up and saw Doug's Grandparents Croft. It was really good to see them, and Sariah had a whole lot of fun playing with their toys and reading the new books they bought her.

On Friday I left Sariah with my cousin, Josie, and Oma, my mom, my two brother's, my Sister-in-law, Jamie, my Aunt & Uncle and I went to the temple together. It was the first time that my mom has been able to come into the temple with us, something she wasn't able to do for any of our weddings. So it was really special to finally be there with her. A lot has happened in my mother's life in the past year, and I'm really proud of everything she's done and the person she is. I love her.

Friday evening we all went to the Olive Garden for dinner. Some of my cousins came too, so there was 13 adults and 3 kids. It was a big group and lots of fun. Sariah liked playing with her great-cousin, Brian.

Saturday, my mom, Jason and I attended a University of Utah football game (Go Utes!!) My brother, Justin, is an athletic trainer for the team and got us great tickets. I love college football, especially college football live. It was an exciting game and we had lots of fun! (Check out the picture of this guy dressed as a Utes Pirate. He was a little extreme. You can't see it in this pic, but he was using a big pirate flag that said "Give us the Booty" as a cape. When a big play was about to happen, he'd stand up and get the crowd going.)

Sunday, Justin blessed J.T. in church so we all attended his ward and then we had a big luncheon at my Oma's house. It was a very sweet blessing. I was so glad we could attend.

And now we're back home. If you want to look at all the pictures, you can take a peak here: http://community.webshots.com/album/561068870nMnUPI?vhost=community My mom is sending me a cd with the pictures she took, so I'll post more later.

11 October 2007


Sariah gets a look at her newest cousin, J.T., my brother's son.

04 October 2007

Marin, Marin, How does your garden grow?

With bulbs and muddy babies all in a row...
I finished planting my bulbs yesterday. We've got a small flower garden between our garage & the front door & a small section around around one of our trees. I'm hoping that something will bloom there next spring, and by something, I mean the bulbs I planted and not weeds.
Then I went to water and I didn't notice that Sariah had pulled herself up next to the flower garden. When I turned the hose on, water and mud splattered everywhere, and well, you can see the effect. Then she tried eating mud. I was really bummed, because she was wearing one of my favorite onsies (the "Perfect, just like Mommy" one...) Needless to say, we both got in the tub after this, but even after a soak, the onsie might not be saved. Its being stained sticked right now.

So here are the before shots & hopefully next spring I can show you some beautiful after pictures...

03 October 2007

Sisters & Big Girls

Part two of my birthday celebration happened this morning when the Sisters came for breakfast. Doug had to dine and dash but the Sisters and I spent time eating & laughing & reminicing on our missions. (I even pulled out my pictures of my mission for fun.) Its fun to be so close to the sisters here. Sister Yoshimoto is on the left, her birthday is on Friday. Sister Allen is on the right, and she's going home tomorrow.
Sariah loves to show off for the Sisters. They teach her lots of fun things, like how to stick out her tounge & clap her hands. She got really mad when I put her down for her nap while they were still here. When I went to wake her up, she had pulled off her pants and thrown them out of her crib and was still pitching a crying fit. She's a silly baby!
I'm glad I could celebrate my birthday with them. The quiche was very yummy, and even though some of the cherries fell of the cake, it tasted really good!

By the way, these are the flowers Doug gave me for my birthday. Aren't they beautiful? He did a really good job (the chocolate didn't hurt either!) I love the orangey-pink color! We had a good evening eating lots of yummy chinese food & watchind Dancing With the Stars. The great thing is there are tons of leftovers! Mmmmm...

In other news.... Sariah had decided that she's a big girl. Big Girls don't lay down to get their diaper changed, they stand up. Here she is in the changeing closet, ready for her next diaper change. Since I know its hard for her to fall out and it easier than getting down on the floor and forceing her to lay down, I humor her. Doug and I are getting pretty good at changeing a diaper on a standing child.

02 October 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yup, Today I'm 28 years old. I'm really bothered by this. So far in my twenties, I've enjoyed my birthdays, 20 was great, I really enjoyed 23, I turned 24 on my mission, I was engaged when I turned 26 and I had my first beautiful child at 27... The twenties have been good. But 28, now that's a problem. For one, its WAY too close to 30. I guess it just says to be "Hey! Grow up and be that adult you've been masqurading as for 8 years!" I feel the pressure to be mature. Yup, I've got mixed feelings on this one.

Anyways... For all my mixed feelings, today has been pretty good. I got presents this morning. Doug bought me the ninth season of Frasier & the first season of Ugly Betty ! Woo Hoo! I also bought me a new red diaper bag & a small digital camera to take on trips with my birthday money (thanks Mom, Mom & Dad Croft, and Grandma & Grandpa Croft!)

Doug and I had lunch together at Subway and after work he's bringing me flowers and tonight we're ordering chinese food.

Tomorrow we're having the Sister Missionaries over for breakfast and a party. One of the sisters is going home on Thursday and the other's birthday is Friday. So its a Double Birthday/Going Home Party. It should be fun. I've made Quiche for breakfast.

I also made my own birthday cake for the party tomorrow. Now if you're wondering why I made my own cake and Doug didn't make it for me, its because I enjoy making & decorating the birthday cake, so its my present to me. Its a chocolate cherry cake...

I hope it tastes as good as it looks. Its Chocolate Butter Fudge cake w/ Cherry frosting in the middle, frosted with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting and Topped w/ Cherry frosting & Cherries. Mmmm... I'm on a chocolate cherry kick lately... We're serving it w/ chocolate ice cream.
Anyways, I'll post more pictures tomorrow. Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes... Even though I'm not loving 28, I'm loving my birthday & I'm thankful to have such wonderful family & friends to share it with!!

01 October 2007

We're Not Dead...

...We're just boring... Yup, nothing new and exciting going on. Doug's been busy helping people as Ward Mission Leader, and Sariah and I have been doing the normal stuff, playgroup, bookbaby, etc. So here are some pics today from book baby to prove we are living.

He're Sariah before it started. On the left in red is Ella and on the right in pink is Cora...
Here she is playing after. The big boy behind her is Dominic who comes w/ his baby brother, Alexander. Today she actually figured out how to play the musical instrument and not just suck on the stick!

Here she is with Emilia. Emilia is the oldest in the class, a month older than Sariah. We sit next to her and her Grandma every week, but they're not really at a stage where they play well together. Mostly Sariah just steals the toys Emilia is playing with. Yup, my daughter is the bully. You can see she's eyeing that toy right now.
And not to dissapoint, there are books at book baby... Sariah really likes this catapiller book.