23 April 2009

Thursday Food & Take Your Child to Work Day

So today was take your child to work day, and I let Doug take the camera for awhile (cute pics of Sariah > food). So I'm missing the ice cream I had at cold stone & half my subway sandwich, chips & soda. Sariah had tons of fun at Epic, all the pics are posted on Facebook, so I just posted a few here.

I hear there was face painting, lots of crafts, a magician & lots of food at work today. So not things that are normally around when Doug's at work (well, maybe the food.) It looks like Sariah had tons of fun though. After Daddy took her to Wendy's for dinner, what a lucky girl!


Jenny said...

Now we know what Doug's work is, huh? Painting and magic shows! :)

When I went to my Dad's office for Take Your Daughter to Work Day (before they included boys), they let us quickly look at our dads' offices/lab, and then shuttled us all off for a "chemistry magic show" and tour so the dads could get work done. I always thought it sort of defeated the purpose of the day...but, it sure was fun!

Sariah sure is cute! What size is she wearing these days, 2T? (You know, in case Aunt Jenny feels like buying her a cute outfit...) :)

Alan and Denise said...

Looks like Sariah had loads of fun!