27 January 2009

Because it needs to be said again...

It is a mistake for women to think that life begins only with marriage. A woman can and must have an identity and feel useful, valued, and needed whether she is single or married. She must feel that she can do something for someone else that no one else ever born can do. - James E. Faust

(thanks Susan!)

22 January 2009

New and Improved!!

Plan sheer curtains that people can see through on my Living Room windows Boring blank space between book shelves & china hutch.
Blank walls, naked window

Very obnoxious blank spot on my Dining Room wall.

Extremely adorable Daughter saying "Cheese!"


Pretty green curtains covering sheer curtains.

Sariah's 2nd birthday portait finally hung on wall.

Proclamations hung in corner.

Fancy new curtains on window, matching flowers on table.
Wedding photos hung in other corner.
Van Gogh hung on wall elimating blank space, also matching flowers & curtains.
Final Verdict: Much Better!!

15 January 2009

My Mommy, My Hero

a post by Sariah

I love my mommy. She does fun stuff with me like eating my belly, which I think is funny. She also takes me neat places like the library, playgroups & the open gym with the fun bouncy house & foam pits. Today she drew me a dog in a hat to color. She also lets me watch George & Yellow Hat & Charkie on the tv and reads me George before I go to bed in my George jammies. She gives me nannies (bananas) and gapes (grapes) to eat and also cheerios & milk.

I want to be just like my mommy. That's why I watch her constantly. I always help her exercise in the mornings. During meals I make sure to eat when she eats & drink my water when she drinks hers. I even like to follow her into the bathroom and sit on my stool while she's in there. I count my bath fish, nine, ten, even though Mommy says there are only three. And I point out all the goldfish on the shower curtain. Then I say "bye water" when she flushes the potty. Some day soon I'll use the potty, too, and be just like Mommy.

Sometimes Mommy does things I don't like, like making me sit at the table and wait for her and Daddy to finish eating, or brushing the tangles out of my hair. I still love her. I know she still loves me even when I only take a 10 min. nap, bang on the door and then say "all done sleeping," or use pens to color on important mommy papers.

I always try to use the computer when Mommy isn't looking so I can be just like her. So don't tell her I was on the blog...

04 January 2009

Right Between the Eyes

Well it only took 4 days, and now we'd like to introduce the first accident of 2009, staring Sariah!

We're not really sure what happened since Sariah was downstairs and Doug and I were upstairs enjoying a little rest before church, but we gather it has something to do with the couch and falling. So we gave her a little tylanol, cleaned it up and slathered on the neosporin. She seems to be recovering nicely.