31 January 2008


I don't know why this is a sudden realization, but I realized a couple of nights ago, I really like movies, and I really like blogging! So I decided to combine these two and create my movie review blog Marin's Movie Reviews - The needle free MMR* *does not contain mercury... You might have already noticed the link with all my other links, but if not, now you know. I wanted to wait until there were 5 posts before announcing, and now there is! So, enjoy!

28 January 2008

Old Do, New Do

Because sometimes, the hair just has to go...
These pictures don't really do me justice, but then again, I don't really do myself justice either...

We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet

Its really late, after midnight. Doug and I have been up playing video games and sewing. As we settle into bed I notice that his parents tried to call us 3 times, and I mention it to him. "Oh, that's probably because Pres. Hinkley died," he replies. My only thought is "what!?!"

So now I'm up in the middle of the night blogging, because I wouldn't be able to sleep if I didn't get some of these thoughts out of my head.

I deeply respected Pres. Hinkley. In fact, he was probably the first prophet that I actually took notice of. I barely remember Pres. Hunter, and I know of Pres. Benson, but Pres. Hinkley was there as I gained my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. His words and deeds made me stop and think about what I wanted. He lead by example.

I think my most memorable memory of him was on Oct. 1st, 2000 at the Boston Temple dedication. I had flown up to Boston as a birthday present from my dad, and was able to attend not one, but two dedication meetings as an usher in the temple. I sat in the baptismal font room and watched the monitors during the 2nd and 4th sessions. I was humbled by his talks, esp. because they were two different talks given to two separate groups of people, yet I knew those words were especially for the people there. After, talking with my friend, Jon, he mentioned that he got more out of the 2nd session, while I felt like the 4th session spoke to me. I knew that Pres. Hinkley loved every person there. I knew that he had a testimony and his testimony strengthened mine. I knew he was a prophet. Those words came from my Heavenly Father.

He was the prophet of my mission. How I loved telling people that God's church on the earth today had a wonderful, caring prophet. I learned so much from the General Conferences on my mission and was saddened when Elders Maxwell & Haight died at the end of my mission. It was truly like seeing an end of an era for me.

I was telling Doug that I knew that eventually Pres. Hinkley would have to pass on, but even though he's old, this felt so sudden to me. I guess I was expecting to hear about a long illness, but I guess now it seems fitting. He did so much in his time as prophet, that he probably had to move on quickly so he could continue doing much in the next life. I know he is now reunited with his dear wife, and they are probably very happy.

I'm so thankful for the gospel in my life, and for the many temples that now dot the earth that Pres. Hinkley helped bring about. Its wonderful to know about the plan of salvation, that families can be together forever, that God loved us so much that he let Jesus Christ come down to this earth to suffer for us and die and be resurrected. The Atonement is perfect, and I'm thankful that my older brother was willing to do it for me and all of us. I'm also thankful that Heavenly Father chose to restore the church, to once again call prophets like Joseph Smith & Gordon B. Hinkley, so I can know the fulness of the gospel. We live in a blessed time.

The gospel & the church will continue on. Our next prophet will continue to do good. May Heavenly Father bless and comfort Pres. Hinkley's family at this time, and all of us that mourn him.

27 January 2008

Newest Nephew!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to shout out to our newest nephew who was born last week, Henry Charles. He's a cutie! And you can see for yourself if you head over to my sis-in-law, Jenny's, blog. In my defense for being a bit late with my congrats, I'm in the process of sewing pjs for all 3 of our nephews. I finished Henry's today, and they might be a little big because they fit Sariah perfectly! Its okay because I'm sure he'll grow into them!

Congrats to Jenny & Matt!!!

25 January 2008


Sariah has started "kissing." Basically this means she goes "mmmmmm" and brings her head close to yours. Its actually very cute! She also blows kisses, although she's got the hand to mouth part down, she's still not sure about the actual blowing part. But the thing she likes most is kissing herself in the mirror. Its very cute...

20 January 2008

Masterpiece Theatre...again!

Seriously, have I mentioned how awesome PBS & Masterpiece Theatre are? If you don't know, they're currently showing "The complete Jane Austen"and some of these movies are new! I watched Northanger Abbey tonight and it was awsome! I missed Persuasion last week, and next week I'm psyched for Mansfield Park. The whole schedule is here. I'm also looking forward to the showing of My Boy Jack in April (mostly because of Dan Radcliff.) I wish I had huge piles of money lying around because I have a whole list of Masterpiece Theatre DVDs I'd like to own. (In fact if you're feeling generous, feel free to buy me one. Or just take a look, I'm not greedy... :) )

18 January 2008


Yes, I know I'm really late, but here's the link for to our Christmas photos! We had a lot of fun in Utah visiting family & then we came home and opened more presents! Check out the afagan I crocheted & the green bag I sewed Sariah. Merry Christmas!

11 January 2008

Three's a Crowd?

Its Friday Morning, and we offered to babysit Kate, who's a month older than Sariah for an hour or so. Let's just say that Sariah didn't take this very well. First, Kate cried because her mommy left, then Sariah started crying because her mommy was comforting another baby. For the next hour and a half they kept setting each other off. I know that when they get a bit older, they are going to be great friends because they live so close together and will go to the same schools/church classes, but for now I thought it was very humorous. We did try and have some fun. We played with blocks, and I didn't get a picture but Kate played Sariah's toy piano while Sariah played the toy drum.

Here are a couple of pictures... After the toys I took them upstairs to try the real piano. You can tell how upset Sariah is at me. After we came back down stairs they had a crying contest. You can see that Sariah pulled out all the stops trying to win.
Here's her face, just for more proof.
It really wasn't that bad. We'll see how Monday goes when we babysit Aiden for a bit. Fortuantely, he's 4, so I don't think Sariah will be so jealous!

And a short side note: I know I haven't blogged much, we're still trying to get back into the swing of things. I promise that I'll blog Christmas and post all our pictures eventually... def. by next Christmas, but more likely before the end of the month.