21 February 2008

My New Favorite Song

Seriously, I can't get this out of my head!!

From Scott Adams:
Recently on the Dilbert Blog, I mused about the seeming randomness of the lyrics of popular songs. And I challenged my readers to submit random lyrics of their own that could be combined into a song.Lots of people submitted their random lyrics, and German band RIVO DREI put the best ones together, added music, and created a surprisingly great little song. One of my blog readers took it an extra step and made a music video using nothing but images from the Internet. You might be surprised how well it came out:


Lisa said...

That's a seriously snappy little song. I'd totally listen to that on the radio--it's a shame it makes no sense at all.

Alma32 said...

interesting. never heard this song and of this band. ups. they are from germany - like me - and from berlin - like me. they must be more famous in the US.

Gramma said...

That is just too funny. I love it.