04 February 2008

The 1st Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

I was really excited to hear about the news conference today announcing the new presidency of the church. There is great work to be done, and I know these men are up to the challenge. The new President of the church is Thomas S. Monson, his first Counciler, Henry B. Eyring and his second Counciler, Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

I just want to express the peace, love & gratitude I feel from my Heavenly Father about these men chosen to lead his church. I know they'll be inspired to lead us in the right direction.

A funny side note from my mission: While serving in Bamberg, we were several times stopped on a street by a man who angerly told us that the name of "Our" church was wrong in the local paper and that we should fix it. (Once we almost hit him while he was walking his dog and we came around a corner on our bikes.) Confused, since neither my companion or I had seen this man at church, we stopped to ask him his name, the third time around. He replied "Do you know Elder Uchtdorf of the 70ies? He's my brother."

Later, on hearing that Elder Uchtdorf was coming to Germany with Pres. Monson for a conference and then would be coming to visit his brother in Bamberg (which I don't know if Elder Uchtdorf actually came, as I had been transferred the month before the supposed visit), Bro. Uchtdorf started attending church again and demanded a calling. He even took us out for ice cream, telling the man behind the counter not to give us any ice cream with alchohol or coffee in it. He then told us that he was a "bad Mormon" but it was okay because his brother was a member of the seventy and would get him into heaven. I can only imagine what he thinks now. :)

edited to add: I hear from a friend from Bamberg (Hi Melanie!) That Bru. Uchtdorf passed away 3 years ago. I always appreicated his character and wish him and his family well. :)


Mary said...

That's cool about President Uchtdorf's brother. I am really excited about the new First Presidency. They are all wonderful men whom I adore.

Julie said...

I noticed that you didn't say the name of your companion....:P I do remember that...but vaguely. Those were the days, eh?????