21 February 2008

What's in the Bag Tag

My Bag: Red Sparks by Skip Hop diaper bag.
-clip-on cat keychain
-jar of lip balm
-3 cough drops
-gum wrappers
-3 pieces of watermellon gum
-racecar bib
-pack of ginger altoids
-kay jewerlers pamphlet
-messed up snowflake craft from the library story time
-4 hair clips
-various pieces of trash & crumbs
-4 matchbox cars from the movie "Cars"
-5 hershey's cheesecake kisses
-2 clean diapers & 1 dirty diaper (YUCK!)
-1 set baby keys
-2 peek-a-blocks
-1 children's book about Nephi
-2 children's books about bible stories
-toy taxi
-2 pass along cards
-4 ritz crackers
-i-spy bag
-1/2 pack graham crackers
-baby wipes
-Subway Sandwiches coupons
-Sariah's birth certificate from traveling to SLC
-5 pens Doug bought me for Christmas
-bag of cheerios
-children's songbook cds
-baby wearing sling
-changing pad
-Valentine's day scraps from Sariah's library project
-Cholesteral pamphlet
-ward RS directory
-1 empty plastic baggie
-Sariah's mittens (broken)
-Sariah's Monkey backpack/child teather
-black scarf
-The Complete Novels of Jane Austen

Tagging: Lisa, Mary and YOU!


Lisa said...

hmmm... are you allowed to clean/weed first? If not, 3/4 of mine will literally be trash. *Sigh* I'm going to have to ponder this.

Lisa said...

And which bag? I have 3, all packed with different stuff, depending on where I'm going.

Marin said...

I'd say whichever you consider your "personal purse" maybe the one you'd take shopping? Doesn't really matter, just pick.

If you wanna clean, feel free. You'll notice that I didn't beforehand (hence the dirty diapy.)

Cynthia Z said...

Wow! Are you sure that wasn't a camping backpacks contents that you pulled out... the list really goes on and on... I'm amazed! You must be a packing genius.

Mary said...

Wow! That was a ton of stuff. And a book? Wow. I definitely tend to pack light.