02 February 2008

Let Them Eat Cake!

It was Sis. Nielsen's birthday on Thursday, so I made her this cake, fit for a missionary!
Its fun to have sisters in our ward! We also invited the other ward missionaries, the Brandon's and some investigators (none who could make it :( ) They're good girls & I'm glad we can help and serve.

In other news, Sariah's sick, my poor, poor baby! Last night, she started crying at 9:20 and I went in to check on her. Normally I don't, I just let her fall back asleep, but for some reason I did this time. As I was carrying her into the kitchen to get some milk (because she felt feverish) she started vomiting! I felt so bad for her! It was the first time she's really vomited. We got her cleaned up & bathed and I rocked her back to sleep. She's feeling much better today, no more vomitting, but she's still fighting a fever. She's been cranky and cuddly (the cuddly I don't mind.) Tonight I was on the phone with my mom and she fell asleep on my shoulder, it was so cute! I hope she feels better tomorrow!

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Mary said...

Fun cake. I'm sorry Sariah was sick. I hope she feels better soon!