06 February 2008

6 More Weeks of Winter?

I honestly don't know if that groundhog (do they use a badger here?) saw his shadow or what, but I'm seriously done with winter. This is just our latest, major, snow storm. It was novel the first couple of times, but after a constant, snowy (I'm talking almost every other day of shoveling) winter, I'm burnt out.

This is my drive way, that thing at the end of it is my recycling can, the reason I was shoveling the drive (for the second, but not last, time today.)
These are my front steps, I know it doesn't look like steps, but they're under there some where.
The view from the end of the drive. Yes I only shoveled one half, its all I have the heart to do right now!
My front lawn (I think the lawn is still under there somewhere.)
Another view from the garage.
Here I am! Yes, I had to put on my whole skiing outfit to go out, the wind is blowing like crazy! I'm even wearning my ski pants because they were much warmer than jeans.
Sariah stayed inside and watched the Wiggles. She was not happy about being left alone. Poor baby has a runny nose and a cough today. Currently, she's taking her 3rd nap.

So if we ever uncover ourselves from this snow, I recommend spending next winter somewhere warmer! Right now I'll just settle for Doug getting home safe from work tonight, and a little less shoveling in my future!


Jenny said...

Yes, it is times like these that I miss Texas. Denver is, as well, the land of the never ending winter.

Mary said...

Have I mentioned how much I don't miss Wisconsin winter? Sure, we get snow here and have to shovel regularly, but definitely nothing like in these pictures. Good luck. I hope Doug gets home ok.

Susan said...

We've had a mess of it too - not as much snow of course but so much ice and yuckiness. Luckily my school was canceled today because of snow. Yay!

Lisa said...

When Nate moved to Minnesota the first time, he did say that it gets less annoying the second winter. You'll find your groove, and it'll get better. If not, you can come and stay with us for the worst of the winter gak. ;)

Marin said...

This IS my second winter! It def. doesn't feel better, but ask me again next year... :)

Andrea said...

With the tornadoes in the midwest and the snow up there, it'll be hard to pull us away from California (despite the liberals running amok!)

Alma32 said...

i would be the happiest girl if i could have a winter. i would be happy seeing real snow just for one day. send it over to Berlin, Germany. PLEASE, I am still waiting for winter even we've had -10°C. But snow only for 1-2 days and you would never call that snow. Believe it or not: Last weekend we've had up to +15°C but it's cold again. SNOW WHERE ARE YOU???