20 February 2008

Marin's BIG post

Just to prove that we haven't dropped off the face of the planet, here's a large update on us.

Forgive me for not posting for awhile, we've switched our internet around a little and after 2 days, an hour long phone call w/ at&t, in which I talked to 4 different people and had to dismantle my wires from the computer so I could stretch the router from the kitchen to the desk and plug an ethernet cable in the back, thus making my room look like a bad science project, our internet is back up and working! Hurray! I feel connected to civilization again!

In case you haven't noticed, the weather has been bad up here all weekend (and last week, too.) We spent most of the weekend holed up in our warm house avoiding the ice storm and 6 inches of snow that followed. Needless to say church was cancelled (again, for like the 5th time this winter.) The good news was we spent most of the weekend cleaning and organizing and I can offically say that we are FINALLY moved into our home and all our boxes are unpacked (or repacked and stored if its things we don't need right now.)

This is very exciting news because now we can finally paint Sariah's new bedroom (she'll be moving to a new room and out of the "nursrey" at about 18 months and into a big girl bed.) I've included some "before" photos in the slideshow below, which aren't really before photos, since before these pictures was the mess of big boxes. So these are before decorating photos.

Sariah had her 15 month appointment today. She's offically 19lbs 15oz. (still 1 oz short of 20lbs!) and 29 inches tall. That puts her at 10% for weight and 11% for height. She must of just had a growth spurt because she did jump from 5% to 10% in weight in the last 3 months. She's looking more like a little toddler and less like a baby to me... sniff, sniff. She's doing all sorts of neat things. She helps mommy and daddy load and unload the flatware in the dishwasher, and she's really good about cleaning up her toys. She climbs up and down stairs now (which is nice if one of us is downstairs and the other upstairs because she can float between us.) And as you can see in the pictures, she likes to play dress up in daddy's shirt and mommy's shoes. She loves to dance and sing and walk all over. Its fun!

On a final note, we had a lovely valentine's day. I attended a cho-LESS-terol class at our clinic till 8pm and Doug and Sariah went to story time at the library, but Doug and I had a nice dinner of chinese takeout after class. Sariah enjoyed making lots of fun valentine's related crafts.

So hopefully I can catch back up and post more now. Although, we're not expecting any more snow till next Monday, so maybe we'll enjoy our freedom from the house (as soon as the ice melts from the roads!)

Feb 2008

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Lisa said...

Super cool! Sariah's getting to be such a cute big girl. I'm sure she'll love her new room.