02 September 2009

20 Weeks

We're here! Half way. Thank goodness. This has felt like the longest pregnancy ever & esp. the last 3 weeks have dragged on & on. Sometimes when you're waiting for something to happen, like an exam or a root canal, time speeds up, not so much with this pregnancy. Phew, anyways... here are some 20 week stats.

*can get up and down & around, albeit slower than normal. I can still get down on the ground and cut fabric without too much trouble, although I cut almost all the projects out for the rest of the year so I don't have to do it later.
*cannot go into my kitchen/bathroom/car/other places without gagging... STILL
*only vomit once or twice a week... this is a improvement over every day
*can eat beef & dairy again, although I don't do it very much. I had to have a tall glass of milk every day with Sariah's pregnancy, with this one the thought makes me gag.
*exhausted all the time, esp. in the morning. I'd sleep till 11am if I could
*can still play volleyball, as I proved last weekend... I even skinned my knee diving for the ball... hmm, maybe I won't be playing again for awhile...
*been feeling the baby since week 14, but I feel slightly stronger kicks now, but only if I really sit quiet & focus.
*crave McDonald's french fries... seriously, I'd live off them if I could, but I shouldn't
*starting to get some heartburn when I eat food like salsa, hummus, chocolate or walk through Walmart (don't ask why, it just happened and it hurt like crap.) I don't know how to get rid of it if I can't drink milk with my tums. Anybody got some non dairy remedies for heartburn?
*incredibly forgetful: I've left my keys in my car at least 3 times, twice in the garage & once at the "beach" when I locked them & my cell phone in the car. Thank goodness Hilary was there to save me & let me borrow her phone so Doug could rescue us.

I guess that's about it... oh, did you want to know the gender? You'll have to wait, our ultrasound isnt' until later today. Boy vs. Girl has been a hot topic around our house for weeks now, probably since we found out we were pregnant. I am very much on team boy; Doug is very much on team girl. I use to think he was doing it to annoy me, but yesterday I started thinking, maybe he really just wants a girl.

I forget that growing up with sisters has to be different than growing up with brothers. Add that fact that Sariah is just darn cute, and why wouldn't he want to live in a house full of girls? I'll admit, I guess I can see his perspective. I always imagined that I'd have a house full of boys. I've always related better to little boys. One of my favorite callings was a Sunbeam class with 6 boys and 1 girl in it. It wasn't until I was pregnant with Sariah that I craved a little girl. I have always assumed that this time I'd get my little boy.

A couple of weeks ago, Sariah and I were at the splash park. I was sitting on a bench watching her play in the water when a mom & her two girls, about 4 and 18 mo. walked up in front of me to play. I watched as the older sister took care of her little sister & they played together. It really looked like the whole family was having a ton of fun. That's the first time I realized I could be okay if this is a girl. I never had a sister, but I bet Sariah would love one.

Of course, all this is pretty moot until we know for sure. No matter if we end up on team blue or team pink, I think we're going to be excited to have this new child in our family, & Sariah is going to love being a big sister!


Anonymous said...

yeah, i was nauseated w/both babies most of the time especially the first one...crummy huh! couldn't stand thought of fish w/Abigail ate tons of tuna with Blaine good thing he's normal.

i think XX are the letters for the day but then again i'm usually wrong...i was wrong with both of mine. have fun at your ultrasound, whatever the gender it's neat to see their spine, skull, heart chambers, legs!
hugs for you guys!

Jen said...

Heartburn remedy: apple juice. I swear. And I've passed this on to many a mom. Sometimes you'll need 2 glasses to fully stop the burn, depending on its pain level. :)

Anonymous said...

apple juice?? really? wow, i wish i'd known that...will it work even if you're not pregnant, like with stress heartburn?


Jenny said...

Yay for halfway! I'm excited to find out if I get to buy my new little relative pretty dresses or cute dinosaur stuff. :)

Lisa said...

I soooooo want Elena to have a sister. The boys have each other, and they'll be fine, but I don't want her to miss all the things that I did.

I do have to say, though, that watching her hover & do her big sister bit with both the boys was so frikkin' cute. Sariah will be great whatever the baby is.

Anonymous said...

i wanted a sister for awhile, but then i watched all my female friends fight with their sisters over boyfriends, clothes, hairdos, prom dresses...i decided back in HS that perhaps a bro was the way to go. plus, my mother & i are sooo close! i wanted all girls but one of each is pretty fun, kinda like a 50s tv show.

Dan and Merideth said...

Hey... where are the pictures...??

Anyways... Heartburn. when i was preggers (i ended up having a late miscarriage) I sucked on (2or 3 at a time) green altoids wintermint (the green can, not spearmint. not peppermint).

always worked for me! good luck!