16 September 2009


Gosh, I realize its been forever since I've posted anything about Sariah. So here are some things that Sariah is really into right now:

1. Outer Space. Sariah loves talking about Space. She's really into planets, stars, the moon, anything up in the sky. And oh, how she'd love to ride in a rocket ship like Curious George does. She use to have huge tantrums first thing in the morning because she couldn't go "up in space!" Since then we've spent hours watching rocket launches on youtube, reading books about space & learning as much as she can. She loves it. If I had known earlier, I would've made her a astronaut costume for Halloween, but it wasn't until after we bought fabric that she started showing her love for space. Airplanes are pretty neat, too. She got really sad one day at the park because the airplane that flew over us wouldn't come back. Needless to say, we spend a lot of time looking for space related activities.

2. The camera. I've got quite the budding photographer. I have 2 cameras, a really nice camcorder, and a cheap small camera I bought at Target for trips. Sariah loves to take the small camera around and take pictures. I like looking at them, because I really get a feel for her perspective on the world. Here is just a small sample of her work.

Yes, that last one is from the day she fell asleep under my bed.

3. Sariah is very helpful. She does mealtime chores right now. She's very good at setting the table & clearing it after meals. She also loves to "help" us cook in the kitchen. She's a very good dumper of ingredients. She loves to turn lights on and off for us & fetch us things. She's going to be a great help when her little brother comes.

4. She's also quite the talker & very observant. When she first meets someone, it takes a little while to warm up to them, but when she gets familiar, she loves to talk. She's good at answering most of our questions. The other day at the zoo she noticed that the spots on the umbrellas were the same as the ones on the giraffes. Although she's starting to get a little bossy. The other morning I was at the computer, she was next to me playing and she said "Mommy, go into the kitchen, get milk for Sariah!" We're working on politeness, and she's normally pretty good with her please, thank you, bless you! Every once & awhile we even get a gesundheit!

5. Some of Sariah's other favorite things include "Green Eggs & Ham" book, almost anything on PBS kids, "helping" mommy race on Mario Kart, playing on the tire swing at the park, riding in the car, getting apple juice slushies at Sonic.

6. We're starting classes this week! This fall we're doing a creative movement dance class, a story time & swim lessons (because we didn't get in during the Summer.) I'm really excited for her, I think she's going to have a really fun time. She's still quite the monkey, and she love to climb. This morning I caught her mimicking the ballet dancers on the Wiggles dvd she was watching, so I think she'll like her dance class. And she told me at the zoo today that she wants to swim like a seal.

7. Speaking of the zoo, (one final story) she did some really great counting today. She counted all 6 penguins by herself, and we learned that camels (at least at our zoo) have 2 humps, so if there are 2 camels, that means 4 humps!


Jenny said...

Aww...dance class! I bet Sariah will look adorable in her dance outfit!

Jen said...

You're so busy! And Sariah is one precocious and smart little girl!

Susan said...

Man, Sariah is growing up so fast!