10 September 2009

Always Remember

a fireman's coat & hat, found at ground zero
a plane window found at the site of the towers
Its been 8 years. I'm never going to forget what happened 8 years ago. It was a special experience to actually visit ground zero when my mom and I went to New York. You can read more about the individuals that died that die over at Project 2,996.

I've debated about sharing my 9/11 experience here on my blog, because I haven't written it here, but I've made the decision not to. That day isn't about me. That day is about all America. It reminds us that we live in a place that allows us to make our own choices, to think for ourselves, to be personally responsible. We have freedoms that others want to take away because they think they can manage our lives better than we can. That day is about the selfless heroes that stood up to help others & to fight. No matter what anyone else says, does, or tries to make this day into, let us at some point today take a moment and thank Heavenly Father for our blessings, pray for those who lost family or were otherwise personally affected that day, and pray for our servicemen & woman to continue to risk their lives so we can be free.

This is particularly moving. I recommend everyone watch it.

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Julie & Daniel said...

You said this all beautifully. Good post!