12 September 2009

Football Loyalty 2009

In case you were wondering:

1. Utah Utes: I've been a Ute since I was born. When we lived in Utah, my parents took me to all the games. I grew up on Utah Football, so even though I didn't attend college there, I've gotta wear red!
2. BYU Cougars: Partly out of respect for Doug's family, party because anytime a MWC team wins, well that's good for the conference
3. Florida Gators: I'm a big Urban Meyer fan after what he did with the Utah program back in 2004. I'm sad that meant he left Utah, but he's done some pretty amazing things with Florida that's fun to watch. Tim Tebow's pretty great, too.
4. Texas Longhorns: Ah, Austin will always be my home, so naturally, I adopted Texas.
5. Wisconsin Badgers: We're here, its interesting to follow the local team... nuff said.

everybody else...

So... if Utah plays BYU, then I root for Utah, but if BYU plays Texas, then I'd root for BYU, etc. So while I'm a Ute, when BYU beat Oklahoma last week, well that was awesome. Mostly, I just enjoy football. Some days I'll turn a game on, pick a team and watch.

P.S. The BCS is crap... but that's a post for another time...

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Alan and Denise said...

BYU/Olklahoma was a fun game to watch, wasn't it? Hope you have fun with the 2009 season of football.