19 December 2008


We are literally snowed in today. I'm not leaving this house. So that adds an extra element of "what the heck ARE we going to do today?" So then I thought, hey I could make some playdough! Sariah has never played with it, since I don't want to buy it, and I remember it leaving a mess. But I thought I could make some. So using handy dandy google... ta da!
She hasn't quite grasp the concept of the rolling or cutting or playing, but she liked to touch it and try to stamp it with the cookie cutter before it got rolled out. Plus she was very helpful with my creations. We even made a "snowman" since we're not going outside to try and make one!

I think it was a sucess, and it wasn't very messy to clean up, which was nice. Speaking of cleaning up, when it was time, Sariah sang the clean up song (clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere...)almost all the way through! Yay!!


Jenny said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I particularly like the Texas with the bow on it. :)

Gehmlich's said...

I've been wanting to do that too...was it easy and quick? Looks great! Oh yeah, I totally would have dragged my family out in the snow to see Santa. It's a must.

Marin said...

It was easy & quick & really easy to clean up. Here's the link... http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-Playdough-Play-doh/

Lisa said...

Nice snowman! He's really cute. My kids have only just discovered the joy of cookie cutters, but still enjoy the squishing. Heck, *I* enjoy the squishing. That's why I make my own bread.

Do you want some play dough? We've got it coming out our ears. We get two or three (per child) every Halloween, birthday party, etc. I've got an entire drawer, here. I'll see if I can send it home with Richard & Chrissy, along with that fur I forgot to give you in October.