11 December 2008


See I'm not dead, this blog post is proof. It might have seemed that way since I haven't posted anything this month and we're already 11 days into December. Plus its December the most wonderful time of the year! I should have tons to post about. Well, I do, check out my list:

-Thanksgiving w/ Doug's family including a trip to the dairy farm
- snow shoveling Sariah (hopefully including video!)
-Christmas decorations (if we can ever finish getting them up...)
-My newest nephew, Jacob Hod

Okay, the list seems larger in my head, maybe because blog posting isn't the only thing I'm behind on. Like most of my extended family, we caught the evil colds of death, & mine is living in my throat. [sarcasm] Oh, but good news! Its not strep throat, so my dr. won't do anything about it... [/sarcasm]

So don't give up on us, but keep looking for new blog posts. I might even get one up during Sariah's nap today if I don't feel like working on the 2 Christmas presents I have left or my secret santa gift... ;0) Did I mention I've got a lot to do?


Jenny said...

I feel your pain. Things are crazy around here. I feel like I'm just starting to catch up to where I need to be...and it's only getting busier. And, yes, the colds are miserable. Oh, the joy of being the sick one taking care of everyone else...at least Henry's fever is gone.

Anonymous said...

you could be dead & blogging ya know...this isn't proof!

;) jess

Alan and Denise said...

It's definitely hard to have the energy to get things done when you aren't feeling well, and there are so many items more pressing than blogging--you see how long it took me to get a new one up.

You should tell your doctor to do a culture if you still have a sore throat after this long. Not all bacterial infections show up on a quick strep test (even if it is actually strep and not some other microbe).

Hope you're feeling better very soon!