23 December 2008

Sariah Shovels Snow

Let's chat a little about the snowfall here. We've had a lot so far. In fact we're probably right on par with the 100 inches we had last year. Yippy skippy. On the bright side, Sariah LOVES the snow this year. She likes to touch it, play in it & even shovel it. Well she sort of shovels it. We bought her a child's shovel, but her hands are too small for her mittens, so she has a hard time grasping the shovel... Take a look, its very cute! Just so you know, I think these videos are about a month old, but we've had pretty consistant snowfall the past 3 days, so I was reminded that I wanted to share. Enjoy!! Meanwhile I'm going to continue to hide in my warm house and drink cocoa.


Alan and Denise said...

Enjoy your snow! If you have to have lots of it, at least Sariah has fun with it.

Merry Christmas! Have a nice Christmas Eve.

Jenny said...

Very cute. James and Thomas LOVE shoveling snow. Build a snowman? Throw snowballs? Nope--Let's shovel the snow! Let's hope this love of shoveling lasts until they're old enough to send out there to do it themselves!

HOD said...

so only 2 of the three has to shovel snow?