30 November 2008

A Very Thankful Month

If you've been paying close attention, you might have noticed the thankfulness flowing from my twitter feed. I've been doing my best this month in November to be more thankful & positive about everything, so I decided on the first of the month to post one thing I was thankful for on each day in Nov. I didn't quite make it the whole month, since we went out of town for Thanksgiving and I tried to stay away from the lure of the internet during that time (more on our vacation coming soon!)

Here's the complete list:

I'm thankful that the weather is so beautiful today so we can rake all the leaves up (again!)

I'm thankful for the oppertunity to fast - it brings spiritual blessings!

I'm thankful for FHE, it def. brings our family closer together!

Is thankful to live in a land where I get to vote, even if my opinion is unpopular here, at least it is mine and I got to express it!

Is thankful for Wednesday Date Night!

Is thankful for a daughter who loves nap time!

I'm very thankful for wonderful people (Cynthia and Steven) who watch my child so we can go to the Temple!

I'm thankful for warm fuzzy blankets!

Today I'm thankful for Subway sandwiches, simply because I can load them up with veggies I didn't have to cut myself!

I'm thankful for lots of things to do so I never get bored (and most of them are fun!)

I am thankful for online bill pay!

I'm thankful to take the last pill in this round of medication

Today I am thankful for happy toddler giggles :)

I'm thankful for wrapping paper!

I'm thankful for childern's voices.

I'm thankful for Sariah, of course!

I'm thankful for modern technology - phones, cameras, computers

I'm thankful for my healthy child!

Is very thankful, even if she doesn't say it for the next week

Of course there are tons of other things (some more important than these) that I'm thankful for! We are very blessed, and I'm thankful for the oppertunity to sit back and realize it. I hope ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving season!


Susan said...

There definitely is a lot to be thankful for. I should probably remember that more.

Alan and Denise said...

I'm thankful that we all had a chance to be together.

Dad Wirthlin said...

Good looking family! I am glad I knew the two of you

Alles Gute,

Praes. Wirthlin