31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

We're hoping everyone has a spooktaticular day! Its been a busy week for us, full of festivities & fun (and a bit of stress, but isn't that normal?)

Monday: We had our annual Halloween playgroup where we all get together with the kids in costume.

From R to L: Elle the Ladybug, Sariah the Pirate, Cora the Turkey, Kaitlin the Pink Dragon & Nathan the Green Dragon

We were over at Susan & Tessa's house & they have this indoor slide thingie that Sariah loved to climb all over. Seriously, she should just be a monkey every year, because she's one everyday.

Yes, I put my costume on for awhile for this one, I mean, hey, I made it, I should get some use out of it!
Aren't we the two cutest pirates ever?

This next pic is what happens when you try to get two almost two year olds to stand next to eachother & smile.

Wednesday: We had our Ward Playgroup party. I didn't get any pictures, but my friend Heidi did, so I'll post some when she sends me them.
Thurdsay: This was our busy day, we had the Library Halloween party in the morning & our Trunk or Treat that night.

Here's Sariah during the "Parade of Costumes" at the Library, yup, I'm back in mine too...

The rest of these are from the Trunk or Treat. Because Doug was home so last minute, I didn't have time to make him a pirate costume. Instead he dressed up like a Nerd Herder @ the Buy More from the TV show "Chuck" (Seriously the best show on tv right now, and nobody watches it because nobody got his costume...)

Arrr maties! We may not be fierce pirates, but we're cute!
Look its Doug vs. The Pirates! (Its how they name all the Chuck episodes... Chuck vs. the Ninja, etc.)
This though, was the best costume of the night.... Look, we had Shrek at our party!
Its been a crazy week, but we've had lots of fun. Tonight we've got the Neighborhood Halloween Party & then maybe it'll be a little quite for awhile (or at least till Thanksgiving!) Happy Haunting Everyone!


Susan said...

Happy Halloween! Looks like you guys have been having a fun (and busy) week.

Alan and Denise said...

Cute pictures. You both make lovely pirates. Glad you had some fun--and that Doug was able to be there and have some fun, too.

Jenny said...

He even has the right shoes! Love it. I so thought of Chuck vs. The Pirates before I read it in your post. I love Chuck. They'd better not cancel it.

You guys are all cute in your costumes. Good job making them!

Diana said...

I love the pirate costumes! You look so cute together!

Justin and Jamie said...

So awesome! You are great! Your costumes are so sweet! Ya, JT's is handmade from Old Navy! Sariah is to die for. How Cute!