26 June 2008

Swim Lessons: Day 4

Not much new to report on today's lessons. Sariah is still having a blast. We got a nice compliment from our teacher today who told us that she hopes that Sariah will continue swim lessons and that she get Sariah in her Shrimp class (we're in little dippers right now) because Sariah is going to be a superstar. :) It was very sweet.
I also learned yesterday and forgot to mention it, but our class is mostly moms and babies except for one Dad, Ben and his daughter Haven, who turned out to be in the 1st Ward! I figured something was up when he came in yesterday wearing a BYU shirt. I think its funny because there's only 7 babies in the class, so what are the odds that two of them would be mormons?

Today after lessons we got Doug's car a tune up, and Sariah did really well while we waited, it helped that there was cookies and toys. :) I also bought her a new wooden puzzle that is actually for church, but I let her use it today. She's really into puzzles right now and loves to play with them at the library. We've got two now, the new one has cars on it and Aunt Susan gave her one with shapes on it for Christmas that she loves.
Storytime starts back up today. So we're off to do that this afternoon after nap. Speaking of naps and bedtime, here's a little picture for Aunt Jenny. Sariah loves her purple monkey blanket. She uses it everyday on her bed and it goes great with her monkey sheets! Thanks Aunt Jenny!


Lisa said...

Cute blanket. Cute girl. I love the 3+ bows in her hair.

Hearing about Sariah's swimming lessons reminds me of an interview w/ Michael Phelps I heard the other day. He loved going to the pool so much and decided he was going to go to the Olympics when he was 11. That girl can be a major superstar if she wants.

Mary said...

Swim lessons sound like fun! By the way, I totally know Ben and Haven from when we were in the 1st ward. How funny that you're in the same swim class.

Melanie said...

Jacob used to be a that way. You couldn't get him out of the water and he was fearless as well, but all of a sudden from one day to another he is scared to go in. He just plays in the sand at the beach. He still goes in the water, but just where it hits the shore. I was hoping last year to get him into swimming lessons, but they don't offer any for his age. I thought that was weird, especially since we are here on Hawaii. Sariah is so cute. I just saw that your belated birthday wishes, that's how long I haven't been checking the internet. Thank you so much for stopping at my house. Thank you for being such a great friend. I'm glad we didn't loose contact.

Jenny said...

Such a cute girl. I'm glad she likes her blanket!

Susan and Chris said...

Lots of blogging to get caught up on! Glad Sariah likes her puzzle. I wasn't sure if she would or not!