24 June 2008

Swim Lessons: Day 2

My child loves the water! Our second day of lessons started swimmingly! Sariah was much calmer today and only threw a fit when I tried to take away her towel so I could change her clothes. She had an awesome time kicking and floating. Today she got to wear a floatie belt and she liked that because she felt like she didn't have to hold me close the whole time. We also tried a kick bar (imagine one of those weight lifting bars only with foam on the ends, not weights...) and she kind of got the hang of that. She also LOVES to jump off the side of the pool, in spite of the fact that I dunk her underwater every time. The only thing she hasn't quite figured out is the blowing bubbles. She sees me do it, and she doesn't mind sticking her face in the water, but she doesn't get the blowing part. Good thing we've got 6 more lessons to work on it! :)

In other news, my car is in the shop today so they can fix the a/c (sweet, sweet a/c.) So we're stranded for a little while, but its totally worth it! Also we've been working on some projects around the (outside) of the house, mainly our garage and one of our trees. I'm hoping to post pictures soon, because Doug did a really great job with the garage. :)

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Alan & Denise said...

It would be fun to watch Sariah swim. Sounds like she has a lot of fun. And I'm looking forward to pictures of the completed projects around the house.