23 June 2008

Swim Lessons: Day 1

Today was our first swim lesson of the season! This year we're doing a 2 week/4 days a week for 30 min. swim class at the local high school.

Once Sariah realized we were there to get in the pool, she was totally excited, and I had to literally hold her back from jumping in the pool. She's quite enthustiastic about it. Today we just did some basic "lets get use to the water" games. She likes to "swim" on her tummy but not so much on her back, I don't think she likes the water in her ears. She remembers how to kick her legs and scoop with her hands, that was pretty good.

She is really stubborn when she wants to be though. She really wanted to hang off the lane divider and I wouldn't get let her get near it, so she did a whole lot of screaming and crying about that. She was also really upset when we had to get out (30 min. is NOT long enough for Sariah!) and she kept trying to jump back into the pool. We're going to figure out where we can go swimming more often, there aren't any cheap outdoor pools in the area. (There isn't any cheap indoor pools either!)

So we're looking forward to swimming again tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on her progress, but I don't think we'll get any pictures this year, since Doug can't come and visit. :(


Alan & Denise said...

Hope you both have lots of fun!

Lisa said...

How fun! Where do you go for lessons? The Y? A gym? Local pool? Jonathan gives the kids mini-lessons each time we go to the pool, so they're getting more comfortable and confident. Joseph likes blowing bubbles, and Elena's a pretty good kicker. She can even swim around by herself, if she's got a noodle, or something, to hold her up.

Lisa said...

right... high school... it helps if I read... *blush*

Susan and Chris said...

I've discovered swimming with little kids is fun. Chris and I went with Jenny's family to the pool the other day and had a blast. Thomas and James were a freaked out by the water at first though.