28 June 2008

Family Pictures

As you can see, we got new family pictures taken today. We were in desperate need of new ones since our old ones are 15 months old, and Sariah has changed a bit (that's an under statement!)
There is a fabulous woman in our ward, Ann, who does photography. If you move into our ward, Ann takes your picture, you child goes into primary? Ann takes the picture, she's great. She actually took our last picture for the ward list, and it was so good we framed it. We like Ann.
As part of our RS service auction, Ann donated 2 free family pictures. I really wanted them and bid all I could on both, but I lost both. Luckily Ann came to me after and said that she'd also do our family portrait. Yay!
So this morning we decked ourselves out in new clothes and went over to Ann's and had a short photo session. What you see up top is our finished product! Good, no? I love it. And lets just pretend that we got this shot magically, we we pretty much did. Is Ann a genius? I think so! Plus we're pretty good looking, and the monkey adds the perfect touch. :)
By the way, in case you're wondering, I got a new hair cut for this occasion. Its awesome. They cut it so its wash and go and naturally curls under, plus they thinned it out (I have TONS of hair) so its not so hot for the Summer! Doug also got a hair cut about a week or two ago, but Sariah, I still can't bare to cut her hair!


Lisa said...

Sariah is so sweet in that picture! It came out really good. I love it.

Jenny said...

Cute picture. We need to get a new one done one of these days with our new addition in it. :)

Richard said...

Who's the monkey?

Sariah is looking cuter every day!

Alan & Denise said...

Nice picture. I love your new haircut!

Alma32 said...

i love this picture. you all look so good in it! i will move to your ward jut for the picture ;)

Doug & Sarah said...

I love the picture! You guys look so vibrant and cute! And Sariah looks like a little doll!