15 June 2008

Happy Father's Day!

To my Dad: Who was my coach for all kinds of sports and sometimes in life. My favorite times with my dad were traveling to a game (of any kind) and rooting for our team together. Dad's a pretty great guy, who I always knew would be there to help me out, wether he liked it or not. He's stubborn, but he's a softie, too. And he's good for a laugh. We've had good times. I know he doesn't like to be called Grandpa, but, Dad, you are one, and we love when you come to visit. :)

To my Father-in-law: One of the wonderful things about being Doug's wife, is getting an awesome set of in-laws. They have done so much for us, to which I'm grateful. Its an honor to be part of this family. On a personal note, after Doug and I were engaged but right before Doug left for BYU, his father gave us both a Father's Blessing. That blessing still touches my life today, and I have seen the results of it in my life. Thank you. I'm lucky to be married to a son who has such a great example for a father.

To Grandpa James: Welcome to our family! We're looking forward to meeting with you soon!

And Last, BUT Def. Not Least...

To Doug, a Wonderful Husband and Father: Sariah could not ask for a better dad. She loves to play with you. She loves to be taught by you. You're a great example for her. She's sad when you leave for work, and excited when you come home. She loves to point you out in photos. She loves you very much and I love you even more. We're thankful for you!

Happy Father's Day to all the Great Dad's (and some Dads-to-be!) out there!


Alan & Denise said...

I love the tribute to the Fathers in your life. Hope you and Doug have a great Father's Day.

Mom C

Susan said...

You have a lot of great men in your life! I hope you had a good day today.

Jodi said...

silly baby hormones...your post made me cry...happy father's day doug! see you guys soon!!!

Jenny said...

I hope you guys had a good Fathers' Day.

I like the new layout. It's cute.