19 June 2008


I'm in the middle of two books right now, and I have a third on hold at the Library, yet all I want to do is read Harry Potter 6. I think I might be a little obsessed considering I read my Harry Potter books at least once a year, sometimes more, picking them up every so often and reading my favorite parts or just something random in the middle.

Speaking of books people obsess about, I just saw the teaser trailer for Twilight. I can't stand the way those books are written, but I read all 3. They drove me insane with their stupid plot twists and mindless ranting, but I still read them. That being said, the teaser trailer for the movie looks pretty good, so maybe I'll have to see that. Take a look for yourself...

Other things I'm obsessed with right now: Dove's Chocolate Cherry Courtship ice cream, yum! and sewing, but more on that later... ;)


Lisa said...

Hmm... the trailer's not that interesting. Maybe if I'd read the books first, it would be.

P.S. You've been tagged. Come get the format and have fun.

Regan said...

Ooh, I hadn't seen the trailer yet! It does look pretty good (and I'm not a huge fan of the books, either, yet still read all three. Not sure about the fourth, though). Lisa, I have the Twilight books, if you want to borrow them. I'm anxiously awaiting the trailer for Half Blood Prince!