08 May 2008

We Got A Webcam!

Mother's Day came early in our house! I was having a particularly rotten day Tuesday, so when Doug got home from work, we went shopping for my gifts. I got this nifty webcam so we can send live video to Grandmas & Grampas and Aunts & Uncles and other fun people. I'm very excited about it. There's no sound, but hey... Here's a small sampling of what to expect from our exciting webcam!

I also got a Wii! Originally Doug was going to get me a couple of games for my DS, but when we went out, there wasn't really any games I had to have. Then, my non-spontanious husband decided to be spontanious. He bought me the Wii. I'm so excited. I'm having lots of fun with it. I'll post pictures of us play it later....

More on Mother's Day on Sunday... :)


Mary said...

Congrats! We love our webcam. John's parents gave all the kids webcams for Christmas the first December after we were married. It's awesome to be able to do video conversations with all the family now.

Lisa said...

So, can you hook that puppy up to IM? Jonathan's mac has a built-in webcam, and you can do video chats with it.