29 May 2008

Take Me To The Zoo!

Its been over two weeks, and I meant to blog about this sooner. Up here our city has a free public zoo. They've been working on it and remodeling and have added a really nice (although maybe still to big for Sariah) playground. Both our church and library friends playgroups decided to take trips to the zoo within a weeks period, so we went to both, because really, can you get too much zoo?

First we went with our chruch playgroup. There are kids ranging from newborn-4 or 5 years in our group, so we took advantage of the playscape for a bit. Like I said, Sariah maybe still too small for this, and the big kids made me nervous, so I was happy when we finally decided to go look at the animals.We actually didn't stay long with the group because of Sariah's short attention span. Since I decided to let her walk instead of taking our stroller, we ventured out on our own. Sariah LOVES the otter! And if he'd perform for her all day, she'd watch him!
This bird is in their rain forest building. Usually they sit off in the trees, but today he was right on the railing. I was just waiting for him to take off somebody's finger!
We finally did meet everybody for lunch, and then we headed back home.
The following Monday, we were off to the zoo again, this time with our friends from the library. We met them all at baby story time last fall. Now we all get together about once a week for a playgroup. One of the Mommy's mom lives 2 blocks from the zoo, so we parked there and treked off.
Poor Sariah, she had shots given that morning and I let her try a strawberry, and she vomited all over her and the stroller as we walked to the zoo. I don't even carry a change of clothes anymore for her, but fortunately, one of the other mommies did, so she wore borrowed clothes for a bit.
Here she is in front of the Orangutan. Both monkies seemed unintrested in me taking their picture.
Remembering our last zoo trip, I had a hard time keeping Sariah in her stroller since she wanted to walk, so back on the monkey backpack went.

Here's all the babies in front of the giraffes. You can't see any in the picture, but they're there.
From L ->R Issac, Sophie, Connor (hidden) Nathan, Cora, Kaitlin and Sariah (who will rarely sit for a group pic. She's the only one who can walk, and she's the oldest.) Did I mention Sariah loves the otter?
Here we all are again, this time at Connor's Grandma's House.
back row: Elle, Nathan, Cora, Sariah
front row: Issac, Tessa, Connor, Kaitlin

Anyways, the zoo is lots of fun, and we'll probably go back several times this Summer, now that Sariah can look at the animals better!

Here's a link to all the pictures I took both thoses days...



Jenny said...

The otter is one of my favorites, too. :)

Lisa said...

I love zoos, and what could be better than a free zoo? I love her monkey backpack, it's really cute. She's so adorable watching the otter, too. In fact, they're all adorable.