17 May 2008

Marin, Marin, How does your garden grow? Part 2!

(btw, there are 3 new posts...)

Remember these before pictures? Well, here's the after shots.

Well, first, this is the back yard, where I planted the extra bulbs I had. There were originally 3 rows of bulbs, but the animals got to two of the rows. :(
Here's the front flower box!

And here's the tulips by the tree...

Sariah loves to try and balance on the stones around the tree. She's a cutie!


Susan said...

Sorry about the Blue Bell post! Tell you what. When you guys come for Thanksgiving we'll be sure to have some Blue Bell on hand!

Jenny said...

Nice..Tulips are my favorite flower!

The Royal Buffington's said...

Ohhhh...I forgot how much I love tulips.