02 May 2008

Oh where, oh where has my little Doug gone?

3rd Update: Doug made it home just after 2am. YAY! We've gotten about 4.5 hrs of sleep, but thank goodness its the weekend.

2nd Update: Doug phoned about half hour ago to say he was in Millwalkee and they were in a minivan and driving back now. I'm expecting him in an hour or so. YAY!!

Update: Doug is in Atlanta now, and is scheduled to be on a plane at 8:21pm my time (which is btw, right now) so hopefully he's on his way to Millwalkee!

Doug's been on a business trip since Tuesday afternoon. He's was scheduled to come back this evening at 10:30pm, flying Springfield, Chicago then home. He called earlier to say he couldn't fly through Chicago and was flying through Detriot instead, but would be home around the same time. Now he's on a flight to Altanta that was suppose to fly at 3:15p, but was delayed and then from there to Milwalkee on a flight he didn't have a seat for and then drive back home from there. Who knows where he is now or when he'll get home.

Meanwhile, Sariah and I have been on our own for 4 days and we are driving eachother nuts. This morning at story time, she wasn't a very good girl, and this afternoon at play group she had a bad run in with a cat.

Needless to say, I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown, so if ya'll would keep us, and esp. Doug in your prayers tonight, I'd appreciate it.


Lisa said...

Oh no! And seriously, Atlanta? That's nowhere near Chicago, Detroit or Milwalkee. Airlines!

I love you. Big hugs to you and your adorable/exasperating Little One. If Doug doesn't get home tonight call me. I mean it, too.

Jenny said...

I so hate when Matt goes on business trips. By the time he gets home, the boys and I have had more than enough of each other.

What did the airline do to make Doug have to go to Atlanta? That's way out of the way. Arrgh...airlines! I hope he gets home to you safe (and soon!). Good luck.