24 May 2008

Brat Fest!

Its Memorial Day Weekend! Time for Brat Fest! One of our cities biggest traditions. Every year, the Friday-Monday they hold basically a big outdoor picnic. The prices are reasonable, the brats are good, and our scouting program gets all their money from it. They have "celebrity" cashires, live music, and this year there was also an (overpriced) midway. Needless to say we didn't ride any rides, but we did enjoy some brats & Sariah enjoyed a hot dog. There was also a booth from the Mustard Museum and the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile was on hand!

Here's Doug and Sariah in front of the world's largest grill. Seriously, its huge. Part of the excitement of brat fest is trying to break world records. The current world record for most brats consumed in a weekend was set here in 2004. Hopefully, we'll eventually be part of a new world record. We're suppose to have great weather this weekend, and I just checked the website, and they're halfway to their goal! We like to get there right at 11am on Saturday because we beat the crowd, get great parking, get a seat at a covered table and get home before nap time!
Sariah really enjoyed the live music. You can't tell from this picture, but she was bopping her head to the beat while she enjoyed her hot dog. The band playing at the time was the Dane Varese Band and they were pretty good for a bunch of college kids working for free.
Here she is trying on Daddy's sunglasses.
Anyway, we had a great time and we hope some of you might join us in the future for upcoming Brat Fests! For more info, here's their website www.bratfest.com


Lisa said...

Ooooh... Yum! I love Bratwurst, especially with grilled onions. Glad you enjoyed it--how many did you eat?

Alan & Denise said...

Glad you had some fun! I think Sariah's jumper is cute. What size is she wearing these days?

Marin said...

This outfit is 18 month, but I think it ran a bit small. Its too cute though!

Sariah's been wearing 9-12 month onsies & jammies, 12 month pants and outfits and 12-18 month dresses (the 18 mo. dresses fit bit are a little loose, the 18 mo. outfits swamp her, although I hope she gets a bit bigger soon.) I need to got through her clothes again!

Jenny said...

Looks like fun! I like brats...we got some for last weekend. Yum!