03 May 2008

Decorating Bug!

I've caught it! While Doug was away, I got to play! I've finished Sariah's room (except the ceiling fan, but I need Doug for that.) I rearranged the furniture in our bedroom, I hung some pictures and things and I outfitted our family room with curtains and throw pillows (just in time for the book club and play group we're hosting next week!)

For all you wondering, here's what I finally did to fill that void space on the shelf. I admit, the "see/hear/speak no evil" monkeys might not be the most cutsie thing, but they were the only monkeys I could find. I'm hopeing that the butterfly girlies it up a little more. As to who actually won the contest? Um, I guess it was a combo of Susan/Jenny/Lisa/My ideas, so pictures will be in the mail sometime this week to the three of you. :)

I don't remember if I offically posted pics of Sariah's new furniture, so here it is. It came with 3 different color knobs for each pull, so I thought it was kinda cute. I hung this frame this week as well, although you'll notice that there are only 3 actual pictures of us and 5 that came with the frame because I'm going to add as we grow.
Here's Sariah's desk. The pack n' play is not a permenant fixture in the room, but Sariah still sleeps in it for now. We tried to move her to the big bed while Daddy was away, but that had disasterous results.
Here's the nightstand, perfect for books!
Here's a cute magnet board that we got for Christmas from Justin & Jamie that I finally got around to hanging. It took me awhile to find a place where it would match well, and I really like it here next to our front door.

And finally the big project for the week was the throw pillows and curtains for the family room; where we'll be holding book club & play group.
Here's the pillows close up.And here are the curtains. Everything kinda came out pinkish in these pictures, but they're more of a copper/orange color.The finished product! (Although I need to vacuum... The work is never done...)


Jenny said...

Where did you get her furniture from? I've been looking for a desk like that (not in white, though) for James and Thomas.

Cute decorating!

Marin said...

We got her furniture from Slumberland Furniture. I really like that place. Unfortunately, they look like they're just in a couple of states, but not where you guys are. :(

Susan said...

I like the furniture too and the cute cute throw pillows. I'm very impressed. Do you have a sewing machine or do you do it by hand? If you do it by hand I'm even more impressed. I don't have very good sewing skills.

Can I make one small suggestion though? I think you should put pictures of you guys in all the slots in the frame in Sariah's room. You can always take pictures out, trade them around, etc as time goes on. You might as well use the space you have!

Marin said...

Susan- I got a sewing machine last year for my birthday, and I can sew really easy things. I like the throw pillows because even if you don't sew a perfect square, one can't really tell.

The reason I haven't put all new pics in that frame is it is really hard to change out the pictures and requires plier and a lot of jammed fingers. I image all the slots will slowly fill up and eventually change around, but I'm not really ready to deal with that right now! :)

Thanks for the compliments everyone!