10 December 2007

Just Two Things

I'm finally getting around to the tags from Mary...

Just Two Things

Two Names You go by: 1. Marin 2. Mommy

You Are Wearing Right Now: 1.Size 18 jeans ;) 2. earrings

Two Things You Would Want (or have) in a relationship: 1. Love 2. Compromise

Two of Your Favorite Things to do: 1. Experience things with Sariah 2.Be Crafty

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:1. A Date Night 2. Trip to Texas

Two people who will fill this out:1. You? 2. Some else?

Two things you did yesterday:1. Went to church 2. Made a Pie

Two things you have eaten today:1. Rice a Roni w/ Broccoli 2. Eggnog

Two people you talked to last:1. Sariah 2. Miss Tiffany the Librarian

Two Things You're doing tomorrow:1.Laundry (whoopie) 2. Maybe buying Harry Potter 5 and Frasier season 10 on dvd if it isn't snowy and icey

Favorite Holidays:1. Sariah's Birthday 2. My Anniversary

Favorite beverages: 1. Dr. Pepper 2.Apfleschoerle

Person no longer alive who you'd like to talk to:1. Mozart 2. Grampa Rigby, so I can apologize for not introducing him to Doug before he died.