12 December 2007

Christmas Favorites

A tag by Susan:

Favorite Christmas song:Do I have to pick one? Angels we Have Heard on High, Stille Nacht, O du Froehliche, O Come, O Come Emmanuel, Carol of the Bells, The Chimpmunk Song...

Favorite Christmas treat: Egg Nog, definately... but I also love Christmas Cookies, esp. the bump on a log cookies my mom use to make & butterplaetchen

What does your Christmas tree look like: like this: (I'm too lazy to describe...)

When do you start shopping for presents, on black Friday or the day before Christmas? Actually... I start thinking about it in October, right after my birthday, but now with Sariah's birthday, I guess I do some shopping together with her b-day presents in Oct/Nov. and the rest after Thanksgiving (but not black Friday, I'm not crazy!)

Favorite Christmas tradition: Decorating the tree the Friday after Thanksgiving. I love pulling all that stuff out and listening to Christmas music for the first time that year.

Best holiday memory: I'm sure there are some from my childhood, but my favorite was the first Christmas Eve Doug and I spent together as a married couple. My family had already gone to Utah for Christmas and we had her house to ourselves. We had tons (I'm talking TONS) of cheese left over from our wedding reception (some of you know what I'm talking about) so I made cheesy hashbrowns and Doug made his Doug Scrambled eggs for dinner and we enjoyed our first Christmas together.

Fake or real tree: Fake, definately! I thought I always wanted a real one, and then the year after I came home from my mission, I had a real one in my apartment and I hated the stupid thing. It was a pain to get up, and I was still finding pine needles a year later!

Favorite Christmas movie: White Christmas (I love me some Danny Kaye) & Elf

What do you want for Christmas this year? This is always a hard one. The non-materialistic side of me just wants a really nice vacation with family. The materialistic side of me hopes that Doug gets the hint that I'd like some opal jewlery.

Favorite Christmas story: I'll agree w/ Susan, Luke 2

People you want to tag: Lisa & Mary... :)

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Susan said...

I remember all that cheese left over from your wedding. Man, we could not eat through it. But there are worse things that could happen - I like cheese. I also liked your wedding cake. Mmm. And those crab cakes were pretty good too. Anyways, I digress. Thanks for doing the post! A little over a week and we get to see you guys! I've been trying to get a hold of my grandparents to talk about specifics, but they haven't returned my call. I guess I need to call again today...