10 December 2007

Car Seat Time!

Sariah has spent the first year of her life in her little infant carrier seat, and actually has fit just fine. She's probably still fit just fine for another couple of months, but its starting to hurt my back, so we decided its time to get her a new seat.
Its a wide crazy world out there when you're looking at convertable car seats. Of course, I wanted something that would be really safe, but also easy to use. It would also be great if she could use it for a long time. So I started researching. Initially I thought I might go with a certain evanflo, but changed my mind after checking out some other reviews. During this time I learned about Extended Rear Facing. I know the law says that you can turn your child around at one year and 20 lbs., but you don't HAVE to do that. In fact its safer if you keep them rear facing as long as possible. (You can find more info about that HERE.) So, of course, I wanted something that would keep Sariah rear facing for as long as possible.
Most of you may know about the Britax brand. They're a highly rated brand of car seat, but when Sariah test tried sitting in one at Target, she hated it. Then I came across the RECARO brand. They are pretty new at childern car seats, but they've been making seats for NASCAR drivers forever. So I started looking into them. This particular seat, the COMO will go rear facing to 35lbs. and forward facing till 70lbs. After doing some research on them, I found that one of the biggest complaints is that they are kind of narrow and don't fit kids with broad shoulders, but Sariah doesn't have that problem. The more I learned about them, the more I liked this seat. So we went over to USABaby to test try. Sariah really liked sitting in it! So I knew this was the seat for us!
I was finally ordered the seat online on Thursday and it arrived Saturday. It was pretty easy to install in the car. My biggest problem wasn't the seat, it was the car and the really low roof (what I wouldn't give for a bigger car.) Even though, it fit great in the middle seat and I didn't have to move the driver or passenger seat. I do have to do some inventive manuvering to get Sariah in it, but once again, that's my two door car and not the seat. I'm very pleased with the seat so far, and Sariah seems really comfy. Here she is in the seat today. I took this picture and then realized the chest clip is too high, so ignore that in the pic. We went with the pink and grey since it'll be her seat for a long, long time! It was well worth what I paid for it. I'm happy that my baby is safe!


Lisa said...

Very nice! I like it--super ccol. I've got an Evenflo Trimph, and it's great (and wide, but that's something else) for us, but I'm not as obsessive. Plus, my kids started screaming (11.5 mo) long before they hit 20 lbs (~18 mo). It's a lot easier to see what's wrong or hand them snacks when they're facing forward. As long as Sariah's cool with it, good for you.

Mary said...

Cool! I love the pink. How are you going to fit another car seat in the back? It looks like that one is pretty big.

Marin said...

I'm pretty sure I can fit 2 car seats in that car if one is behind the passenger and the other the driver (maybe the middle, I'm not sure). But my best answer is: we'll get a bigger car, its hard with just the two doors and one baby, but with two? Forget about it!