31 October 2007

Happy Halloween! (Very Long Post!)

We've had a lot of fun activities this Halloween!! While we decided not to take Sariah trick or treating, there were several parties we attended. Here's just a few (and by a few I mean a ton!) of pictures of our Halloween festivites!

Book Baby Halloween Party 10/22:
These are the cookies I decorated for the party. They're Nutter Butters covered in while chocolate w/ red hots for eyes... spooky! They can also be done with keebler elf cookies, which I did for our play group party later since we can't have peanut products in the church (we have a child w/ a deadly allergy)Here's Sariah as Pebbles, a Vampire Bat, and Isabella the Lady Bug before the real chaos started! Pretty Pebbles!
We tried to take a group picture, as you can see it was very crazy! Its hard to get 9 kids under 1 to all stay still/be happy to take a group shot. You can see I gave it several tries, and never really managed it.)

After we all gave up and just played!
Trunk Or Treat 10/30:
Sariah right before, looking cute in her Pebbles costume.
Here's Matt, he always has the best costume. Last year he was the periodic table of elements. This year he was a school picture retake, complete w/ big ugly glasses an orthadontic head piece and mismatch tie/shirt. This picture is kinda blurry, but it was seriously excellent!
Here's the video of Sariah and Doug crossing the stage in the Costume Parade. With them is my friend Hollie and her son Alex that she dressed up as Bamm Bamm Rubble.

Here they are together if you missed that. Aren't they cute? Alex is about 5 months older than Sariah and he's one solid toddler. Sariah is a wisp of a thing.
Playgroup Halloween Party 10/31:
We had our normal Playgroup this morning but with costumes and fun in the gym at the church. I had also bought Sariah this monkey costume (for alterior reasons) so I decided to be lazy and put her in it all day. She's my little monkey girl!
Here she is with Jonah from the ward. They were on the other side of the gym from me. Jonah is about 6 weeks older than Sariah. He was trying to help her walk and wanted to hold her hand. Its really cute... her first beau!
Here's another kid dressed as a monkey. (I feel bad I can't remember his name! There's a ton of kids in our ward!) Monkey love Pretzles.
Happy smiliey monkey!
Finally here' s our Halloween Dinner... Eyeball Tacos... mmm....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! We're just waiting for trick-or-treaters now. We haven't gotten as many as I thought we would, so that's kinda disappointing. But all in all, its been a fun first Halloween for Sariah!


Jenny said...

I totally almost made Eyeball Tacos last night, too! Sounds like you guys had a fun Halloween!

Susan said...

So I'm at work right now reading your blog and I was like "where is that music coming from." Oh wait. It's on your blog. Cool.

Sounds like you guys had a very festive Halloween. Ours was kind of lame. We gave out candy and watched Pushing Daisies on TV.

Lisa said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! I love 1st Halloweens. Especially when they're just old enough to get some real enjoyment from it.

Mary said...

What a cute monkey costume. Where did "monkey girl" come from?

Marin said...

I actually starting calling her a monkey before she was even born and then it fit her so well... she's always liked being uspide down and she's a climber... she's a totally monkey girl!

I got the monkey costume at target, not in the costume section but in August in the normal kids clothing section.

Dani said...

Marin - I stumbled across your blog and have totally loved catching up with you through reading it. I just started blogging: douganddani.blogspot.com