01 October 2007

We're Not Dead...

...We're just boring... Yup, nothing new and exciting going on. Doug's been busy helping people as Ward Mission Leader, and Sariah and I have been doing the normal stuff, playgroup, bookbaby, etc. So here are some pics today from book baby to prove we are living.

He're Sariah before it started. On the left in red is Ella and on the right in pink is Cora...
Here she is playing after. The big boy behind her is Dominic who comes w/ his baby brother, Alexander. Today she actually figured out how to play the musical instrument and not just suck on the stick!

Here she is with Emilia. Emilia is the oldest in the class, a month older than Sariah. We sit next to her and her Grandma every week, but they're not really at a stage where they play well together. Mostly Sariah just steals the toys Emilia is playing with. Yup, my daughter is the bully. You can see she's eyeing that toy right now.
And not to dissapoint, there are books at book baby... Sariah really likes this catapiller book.

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