20 October 2007

A cookie for Jenny & Susan

Yup, that dress use to be a pillowcase. When I first set up the sewing machine, it was the only fabric I had that I was willing to part with. It use to be from a set of sheets that my mom had for her King sized bed, which I'm pretty sure she doesn't use anymore, or I hope so anyways since I've "ruined" that one pillowcase.

I asked Doug what he thinks and he said to him, it'll always be a pillow case...

Since making the dress I've been to the craft store and now I've made a trick-or-treat bag & some pj pants for Sariah. Yup, I figured out how to use a pattern! Yeah me!


Lisa said...

patterns are fun! You get some way cute stuff without having to come up with it yourself. I've been collecting vintage patterns, lately, because they just don't make the right kind of dress pattern for tween girls, anymore.

Susan said...

Sweet! I was craving a cookie.