03 October 2007

Sisters & Big Girls

Part two of my birthday celebration happened this morning when the Sisters came for breakfast. Doug had to dine and dash but the Sisters and I spent time eating & laughing & reminicing on our missions. (I even pulled out my pictures of my mission for fun.) Its fun to be so close to the sisters here. Sister Yoshimoto is on the left, her birthday is on Friday. Sister Allen is on the right, and she's going home tomorrow.
Sariah loves to show off for the Sisters. They teach her lots of fun things, like how to stick out her tounge & clap her hands. She got really mad when I put her down for her nap while they were still here. When I went to wake her up, she had pulled off her pants and thrown them out of her crib and was still pitching a crying fit. She's a silly baby!
I'm glad I could celebrate my birthday with them. The quiche was very yummy, and even though some of the cherries fell of the cake, it tasted really good!

By the way, these are the flowers Doug gave me for my birthday. Aren't they beautiful? He did a really good job (the chocolate didn't hurt either!) I love the orangey-pink color! We had a good evening eating lots of yummy chinese food & watchind Dancing With the Stars. The great thing is there are tons of leftovers! Mmmmm...

In other news.... Sariah had decided that she's a big girl. Big Girls don't lay down to get their diaper changed, they stand up. Here she is in the changeing closet, ready for her next diaper change. Since I know its hard for her to fall out and it easier than getting down on the floor and forceing her to lay down, I humor her. Doug and I are getting pretty good at changeing a diaper on a standing child.

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Lisa said...

Sariah is such a funny girl! I 'm glad you had a good birthday--I missed hanging out with you. :( We'll have to figure out when we can get together.